Probiotics: Evolution of Digestion and Immune Support Probiotics (Part One)

January 2016

As market saturation, stringent regulatory environments and a level of maturity hit probiotic yoghurt, probiotic supplements come into their own. Part one of the probiotic report series seeks to show the evolution of digestion and immune support positioned probiotics. It also highlights opportunities for manufacturers, based on geography, consumer trends and scientific discovery, providing ample room for probiotics to expand and evolve.

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Probiotics continue to exert strong consumer appeal

Although growth rates in Western Europe and the US are no longer as dynamic as they were a decade ago, on a global level, probiotic yoghurt is still achieving double the growth of non-probiotic variants. Sales grew by 6% in 2015. The huge popularity of “origin” yoghurts and regulatory constrains create a tough operating environment, however.

Probiotic yoghurt declines in the west but grows rapidly in china

China, in particular, is propelling probiotic yoghurt growth, which is much needed to counteract declining sales in the EU and the US. Sales of Momchilovtsi (bright food group) rose by us$600 million in 2015 alone.

Probiotics - the fastest growing dietary supplements worldwide

Probiotic supplements was the fastest growing dietary supplement type globally in 2015, rising by 8%. The us brand align (Procter & Gamble) has taken over the lead from the Italian brand Enterogermina (Sanofi-Aventis), while private label remains key to category popularity.

Activia leads probiotic yoghurt, ahead of Yakult

Activia remained the world’s leading probiotic yoghurt brand in 2015, ahead of Yakult, and continues to enjoy healthy growth. Yakult is, however, the largest probiotic yoghurt brand positioned as supporting digestive health.

From probiotic yoghurt to supplements

The key regions of North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Middle East and Africa are seeing a gradual shift in consumer preferences regarding consumption of probiotics, moving away from yoghurt towards supplements. Transparency regarding the dosage, convenience and the attached zero calories tag play a key part.


Scope of global briefing
Objectives of Global B riefing
Key findings

Performance of Probiotic Yoghurt

Probiotics 2010-2015: P lain yoghurt a bright star
Probiotic yoghurt and supplements continue to outperform
Probiotic yoghurt driven by China and Japan, US trails behind
Probiotic yoghurt hit by popularity of Greek and Bulgarian yoghurt
Global probiotic yoghurt: The top 10 brands
Activia: Growth in LA and AP offsets decline in WE
Brazil and Japan key competitive markets for Danone and Yakult
Winning the millennials is key to future growth
Demand for probiotic yoghurt explodes in China
Sales of Momchilovtsi up by US$600 million in 2015 in China
Digestion the largest health platform for probiotic yoghurt
Yakult leads digestive health positioned probiotics
Digestive wellness platform erodes in the EU
Digestion and bone health?
Growing importance of social media in consumer education
Probiotic juice promotes digestive health
From juice to supplements
Probiotic juice promotes immune support
Immune support positioned probiotic yoghurt underperforms
Russia and Argentina among the few growth markets for Actimel
Actimel for Kids and Actimel Pro-Vital
Immunele for kids and men
Probiotics in hot drinks

Performance of Probiotic Supplements

Probiotic supplements : The fastest growing supplement globally
Probiotic supplements: US the largest growth market
Probiotic supplements are prescription drugs in Asia
Global probiotic supplements led by Align
US: Probiotics the best-selling standalone dietary supplements
Private label instrumental to growth in the US
Children’s probiotic supplements see promising developments
Probiotics can reduce crying time
Canada: Probiotics top the natural health trends ranking in 2015
From probiotic yoghurt to supplements in WE, EE, NA and MEA

Delivery Systems

Challenges posed to the probiotics industry
Does dosage matter?
Colony forming units count often not displayed on the label
Delivery systems: Needs of humans versus needs of bugs
Growing popularity of delivery mechanisms
Leading delivery systems and processing technologies
Digestion, immunity, women, children and delivery systems


What should m anufacturers f ocus o n?


A fast moving story…
Report terminology
Health and wellness category definitions
Health and wellness product coverage


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