Product Positioning and Claim Validation

Euromonitor’s global reach and cross-industry expertise helps clients develop successful innovation strategies and ​prepare for transformative global forces on economies, cultures, consumer lifestyles, and their businesses.

How Product Positioning and Claim Validation can help

Discover and generate ideas

Evaluate the market, consumer, and product trends to inform the ideation process and build an innovation framework.

Develop product positioning

Investigate your competitors’ marketing claims and evaluate against sales performance and product lifecycle

Obtain an independent validation

Set your product apart with market intelligence validating the wording of your claim and meeting the required regulatory approval.

Supports many functions

Euromonitor Consulting can help your company with unique challenges anticipate change more efficiently, inform the strategic planning process and reach annual targets.

Marketing Communications

Tailor your marketing message to address the needs and drivers of your target audience. Improve brand positioning and messaging and give the right values
​and benefits to the brand.

Business Intelligence

Monitor the level and type of competitor marketing activities and evaluate against your long-term positioning and brand appeal to existing customers. Keep your brand appropriately positioned as competitors make new moves.


Understand how your positioning plays to target customers and if it is suited to international markets and brand strategy.


Generate ideas, connecting to current pricing, usage and lifestyle trends.