Recreating Social Occasions: Work, Play and Home in a New Era

June 2022

An uneven recovery from the pandemic, coupled with surging inflation and international turmoil, has created an environment of profound uncertainty for consumers. Already disrupted by the pandemic, consumer habits remain very much in flux, particularly in terms of social activity. This report explores the impact of a new social environment across a wide array of industries, from beauty and fashion, to retail food and drink, to foodservice and beyond.

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Key Findings

Placing “The New Roaring ‘20s” in context

Whilst talk of a ”new Roaring ‘20s” has died down amid continued consumer uncertainty, the idea of a medium-term return to hedonism and indulgence, following a period of trauma, remains a useful lens to examine the current environment.

Inflation adds new pressures

An inflationary global environment could further cement home socialising, as more consumers look to economise, cutting back on trips to on-trade and away-from-home outlets.

After-work destinations move closer to home

Though the global extent of working from home during the pandemic has been exaggerated, there is no question that a significant portion of the world’s higher income consumers will continue to work from home more frequently, creating new opportunities and driving new approaches.

“Delivery-first” social occasions expand

As consumers spend more time at home in the near term, the use of delivery to support an ever wider range of social occasions will increase, creating more opportunities for impulse-driven purchases.

Metaverse creates new connections and occasions

As more socialising moves online, the food and drinks industry, among others, will require a pivot to online occasions, both in terms of marketing and in terms of the logistics of serving this demand.

Key findings
What will socialising look like in the post-pandemic era?
Recreating social occasions in-depth
Bouncing back stronger: The new “Roaring ‘20s”?
Nostalgia and polarisation: Deciphering 20s parallels
Industry is optimistic about recovery
Rosé Lumière: Moët embraces art deco, indulgence and experiential luxury
Uneven recovery to drive experiential innovation
Inflation remains a point of concern in 2022
As the cost of living rises, consumers turn frugal
Unregular Pizza: Home-made food as payment
Inflationary environment creates new pressures
Home-centric lifestyles force fashion and beauty players to rethink their future strategies
The dawn of the affluent rural urbanite leads to shift in our lifestyle and dressing habits
Lower mobility expected to change our long-term socialising and lifestyle habits
Demand for comfort and versatility here to stay as focus on the home and wellbeing sticks
High street fashion brand Mango moves into work leisure
Changing world of work drives new choices
Gaming provides a readily available installed base for the metaverse
Millennials and Gen Z will dictate how the metaverse operates
Crown Royal – a new world of cocktails
Online worlds about more than just consumption
Delivery as a key element in a social experience
Case study: Rappi Live Events complements online experiences through quick commerce
Case study: TikTok Kitchen, experiencing a sense of community through food delivery
Online socialising offers a path forward for delivery
Snacks: Is impulse behaviour compatible with planned online shopping?
Beyond the virtual basket: Local supply and delivery of snacks has much potential to develop
UK e-convenience store Jiffy expands rapid delivery service to fresh pastries
Re-invigorating impulse snacking and snacks purchase in the post-COVID-19 e ra
On getting together in a more atomised world
Social occasions to become more online, more varied, more connected


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