Regional Overview: Health and Wellbeing Trends in Latin America

August 2013

Latin America is one of the bright spots in consumer health. Rising incomes, new products and greater adoption of health and wellness trends are contributing to an exceptional performance in the region. To keep the momentum going, companies are developing innovative corporate strategies while using imaginative marketing campaigns to captivate younger adults, who will sustain growth for the industry in years to come.

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Consumer health becomes more accessible to people

The economic vitality of Latin America in the past three years has spurred a flow of accessible and affordable consumer health products to millions of people in the region, even including those in remote areas.

Essential OTC drugs still dominate the competitive landscape

The strength of consumer health continues to rely on essential OTC drugs: analgesics, cough, cold and digestive remedies, and dermatologicals. However, consumers are more willing to try new formulations, delivery formats and packaging for such products, which are now available at pharmacies.

The rise of unhealthy lifestyles is a key concern to health stakeholders

Higher incidence and prevalence rates of non-chronic communicable diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular health deterioration, and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases are prompting governments, the industry and consumers to focus on the adoption of healthier lifestyles in a self-care setting.

The fast growing ageing population places financial burdens on governments

The number of elderly adults in the region will increase significantly in the next 20 years, as birth rates plummet and life expectancy rises. An emerging cooperation between governments and the industry aims to explore and draft health initiatives aimed to face the future health challenges of the population.

Traditional brands and natural healing gain importance

Traditional OTC drugs, and vitamins and dietary supplements are being invigorated to earn more revenue via improved formulations, attractive packaging and lower prices. Consumers are seeking a more natural approach to healing through products boasting natural ingredients.

Consumer health expenditure to increase in upcoming years

Latin Americans are anticipated to spend more money on consumer health as they gain further access to self-care education via traditional and digital media outlets that promote novel and effective brands and therapies.

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Key findings

Overview of Consumer Health in Latin America

Consumer health shows robust performance in the region
Latin America: A region of strong growth overall
Three countries account for 80% of retail value in the region
OTC and VDS hold 88% of retail value in 2012

Assessment of Health Needs and Opportunities

Diseases and conditions in major countries of Latin America
Providing medical services to the population increasingly expensive
The greying population will shift health priorities
The impact of obesity and overweight on health
Options and expenditure trends in weight management products
Approaches to dieting and public health awareness
Will people exercise to improve their health?

Self-care Trends

Providing health services to people
Responsible self-medication slowly gaining track in the region
Consumer education: A key issue in self-medication
Where do Latin Americans purchase consumer health products?
Novel retailing initiatives widen access to consumer health options
The importance of traditional medicine and homemade remedies
The power of tea in healing

Understanding the Consumer Health Choices of Latin American Consumers

Innovation trends that are making a difference in the region
Dietary supplements by positioning
Multivitamin analysis by consumer segment
Analgesics to see robust demand due to ageing populations
Strong rise in the sales of cough, cold and allergy remedies
Challenges to sales of cough, cold and allergy remedies
Antacids dominate digestive health
Natural products gain momentum
Branded generics have a strong position, while private label grows
New and traditional standard brands are fighting back
Capturing the attention of younger adults
Speaking to consumers in the Latin American way
Social media captivates consumers across the region

Looking into the Future of Health in Latin America

The demographic shift toward adults will shape future growth
Future consumer health expenditure per household
Measuring positive and negative forces for future growth
Latin America: Future key trends by major country

Report Definitions and References

Data parameters and report definitions
Consumer health definitions


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