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Research Methodology: Market Analysis

Our approach builds a market consensus view of size, shape and trends across each category. We factor in all retail channels, from large-scale grocery to direct sellers to local mom-and-pop outlets.

Industry specialists

Each industry is managed by an industry manager and team of analysts reporting on their specialist categories. This collaborative approach means research teams are in constant dialogue with industry players and opinion makers. Our research programmes reflect the latest market trends and industry events, providing invaluable input to the testing, review and finalisation of our data. The specialist in-house teams bring together research from all stages of the research process, working closely with in-country analysts.  The teams assess and challenge data and exercise final editorial control over the publication of market research. ​

Country and regional analysts

Our in-country analyst network is managed by country and regional analysts in our offices around the world. Working closely with each in-country team, research management ensures country researchers are well-schooled in best practices, from store checks to building trade surveys.

In-country research network

Our on-the-ground analyst teams deliver essential elements of our market research and new country insights every year, bringing fluency in local languages, physical proximity to the best sources, an ability to engage directly with local industry contacts and an awareness of how products and services are advertised, sold and consumed.