Retail and Wholesale in Mexico

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Apr 2019

Industry’s development remains on a strong path with 5.4% growth, as unemployment continues to decline and household expenditures grows

New USMCA deal to boost wholesale service activities, thus forecast CAGR stands at 6.8%

E-commerce sector anticipated to gain popularity among Mexicans, therefore foreign investments are increasing

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Retail and Wholesale in Mexico

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Retail and Wholesale in Mexico



Growing wages and expenditures to uphold industry’s development
Internet sales will be driven by apparel and electronics
New USMCA deal will boost future growth of machinery and agriculture wholesale

Competitive Landscape

E-commerce potential attracts US investors’ attention and funding

Industry Overview

Chart 1 Turnover 2003-2023
Chart 2 Value Added 2013-2018, LCU million
Chart 3 Profit and Profit Margin 2013-2018
Chart 4 Turnover by Category 2013-2018, LCU million
Chart 5 Wholesale Turnover 2003-2023
Chart 6 Retail Turnover 2003-2023
Chart 7 Sale, Maintenance and Repair of Motor Vehicles, Retail Sale of Automotive Fuel Turnover 2003-2023
Chart 8 Absolute Growth by Category, LCU million

Cost Structure

Chart 9 Cost Structure 2013-2018, LCU million
Chart 10 Costs' Structure


Chart 11 Imports, Exports and Trade Balance 2013-2018, LCU million
Chart 12 Exports by Category 2013-2018
Chart 13 Imports by Category 2013-2018

Market Structure

Chart 14 Market Structure by Category 2013-2018, LCU million


Chart 15 Market Structure by Buyer 2013-2018
Chart 16 Demand Structure


Chart 17 Employment Statistics and Productivity 2013-2018
Chart 18 Number of Companies by Company's Size 2013-2018
Chart 19 Firmographics Distribution by Turnover 2013-2018, % of total Turnover
Chart 20 Industry Concentration 2013-2018, % share of Turnover
Chart 21 Top Companies' Shares 2018, % of Turnover
Chart 22 Top 5 Companies' Share Dynamics 2013-2018, % of Turnover
Chart 23 Turnover Performance by Company 2013-2018

Industry Context

Chart 24 Industry vs GDP Performance 2003-2023, % Y-O-Y growth
Chart 25 Retail and Wholesale vs Other Industries 2003-2023, LCU million
Chart 26 Industry Turnover by Region 2018, USD million
Chart 27 Retail and Wholesale in Latin America 2003-2023, USD million