Retailing in Bangalore

July 2017

Domestic and international retail brands to co-exist in Bangalore. This makes the city’s retail scape very dynamic and fluid. Omnipresence, an evolving retail concept in India, is being experimented heavily with in Bangalore. Established local brands compete with new players on heritage and culture, while store layout and merchandising for domestic brands is on a par with international brands. Additionally, malls offer the quickest and easiest shopping destinations for all grocery and non-grocer

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Our Retailing highlights the most recent trends and developments in 6 major industries. This major new product line analyses business opportunities and challenges that exist for these industries at a city market level. 
Bangalore: Population growth prompted by migration
Consumer profile: Cosmopolitan, tech-savvy, floating population
Typical shopping experience in Bangalore
Key findings
Retailers experiment with omnipresence in Bangalore
Omnipresence becomes popular in Bangalore
Traditional retailers continue to enjoy strong foothold
Omnipresence becomes popular in Bangalore
Local companies continue to attract footfall
Store design and ambience is on a par with international players
Malls are preferred over high streets for shopping
Malls are not limited only to shopping
P N Rao
Bluestone Jewellery and Lifestyle Pvt Ltd
Himalaya Drug Co
Key takeaways


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