Retailing in Jaipur

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May 2018

Jaipur, known as the Pink City of India, is a historical and cultural heritage place with a number of monuments, forts and palaces. Retailing in Jaipur is still heavily dominated by the traditional channel, with people preferring to go to known independent stores to shop. People are not so quick to adopt modern retailing into their lives as they are very protective of their culture. Tourism-based retailing and bazaars are popular tourist attractions.

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Retailing in Jaipur

Consumers continue to prefer traditional retail channels and bargaining is prevalent

People in Jaipur habitually use local traditional outlets, which allow them to bargain as well. People believe in bargaining as they feel they can get products at reasonable and affordable prices. This attitude of consumers has led to the popularity of street shops and bazaars. Good relations with nearby shopkeepers over the years has also given rise to the trust factor, favouring traditional retail shops.

Modern retail outlets present tailor-made formats to suit the preferences of consumers

As consumers are not so brand conscious, modern retail outlets such as shopping malls have found a way to attract footfall. Unlike malls in tier-1 and a few othertier-2 cities, malls in Jaipur have a significant number of local unbranded outlets in comparison to branded chained outlets. This is in line with the consumer preference for shopping at local outlets, all while giving a mall shopping experience.

Tourism retailing continues to entice consumers and remains relevant

Shopping in Jaipur is a real treat as there are some popular places that stock unique and high-quality items. With a wide range of handicrafts, jewellery,apparel, blue pottery, tie & dye fabrics, shopping is a delight. Tourism-related shopping is quite significant, and tourists, both domestic and international,frequent these bazaars to buy these items.

Wedding season shopping frenzy is a big advantage for players in apparel and jewellery retailing, among others

People in Jaipur who are generally simple and price-conscious, spend significantly on weddings. Wedding shopping is a very busy activity where people look to acquire the best of the best. Apparel, jewellery, electronics, cosmetics and home items are mostly bought during this season.


retailing in Jaipur

Jaipur: a city with a long heritage and vibrant culture
Consumer Profile: sample consumers protective of their culture
Typical shopping experience in Jaipur
Key findings
Traditional retail channels rule
Price-conscious consumers are big on bargaining
Shopping malls house plethora of local shops to consumers’ delight
Local retailers sell products to e-commerce websites
Tourism-focused retailing is prominent in the city
Bazaars and street shops are popular tourist attractions
Price-conscious consumers splurge on weddings
Craze for jewellery among consumers, especially during weddings
Zari Jaipur
Motisons Jewellers
Ganesham Electro-Tech Super Market Pvt. Ltd
Key takeaways