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Retailing in Lucknow

December 2018

Despite the growth of organised retailing in Lucknow, traditional markets continue to dominate. The city has many local markets, some of which are decades old. For example, Aminabad, which hosts eateries like Tunday Kabab, is a haven for consumers. Both residents and non-residents of Lucknow flock to these markets, owing to the availability of traditional clothes, jewellery and other accessories at low prices.

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Key findings

Traditional markets in the city attract locals as well as people from neighbouring cities

Bazaars are an important part of the city. They are a well-established part of Lucknow’s culture, and attract people from the city and from neighbouring villages and towns. These bazaars sell different product at different times, and also host wholesale markets for textiles and jewellery. People from all income groups visit these bazaars; however, they are particularly popular among lower middle class consumers.

There is scope for the introduction of night-time retailing zones

Most of the markets in the city are unorganised. Shopping in the night is prevalent in the city. Night shopping extends well beyond midnight, especially during the festival season, such as during Navratri, Rath yatra, Diwali and Ramadan. Many eating establishments also operate late at night during festivals.

Global and organised retailers compete with traditional and unorganised retailers

Organised retail is evolving in the city, but not to the extent seen in major metropolises like New Delhi and Mumbai. The city’s unorganised or traditional grocery and non-grocery retail areas are as popular among shoppers as organised retailers. Areas such as Gomti Nagar, Chowk, Indira Nagar and Janpath are popular for apparel, beauty and fashion products, electronics and luggage, among other categories.

Retail and wholesale formats co-exist

Lucknow’s wholesale shops provide bulk buying options to businesses. They also provide products at affordable prices to consumers, who sometimes go directly to these outlets. The city has a range of shopping destinations, like Nakhas Market. Yahiyaganj Market, Latouche Road and Alambagh, which are popular destinations for clothing, mobile accessories, electronics and furniture.


City profile: overview
Consumer profile: traditional, evolving choices and experimental
A typical shopping experience in Lucknow
Key findings
Traditional markets remain the preferred shopping destination
Bargaining continues to be prevalent in the city
Apparel retailing driven by chikan embroidery
Malls and modern retail gain prominence among millennials
Unique infrastructure keeps unorganised retail attractive
Online shopping gaining a strong presence in the city
High internet penetration makes Lucknow a suitable test market
Local designer stores dominate customised clothing segment
Spencer’s Retail Ltd
Seva Chikan Industries
The Himalaya Drug Company
Key takeaways


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