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Retailing in Wuhan

December 2017

As the early entrants, local retailing giants dominate the retailing market in Wuhan. To cater to the emerging demand for fast consumption and fresh foods, the number of smaller retailing formats and fresh food supply has been risen accordingly. Furthermore, thanks to the support from high-tech zone and advanced transportation in Wuhan, O2O retailing also witnesses a rapid growth.

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Local retailing giants show high penetration in Wuhan

As the early entrants, the outlets of local retailing giants have the high coverage in Wuhan. The traditional down town area is dominant by the departments under Wushang Group, while hyper/super markets under Zhongbai Group are the key players in the markets.

Emerging smaller retailing formats are complied with the development of the city

In response to the rapid development and growing life pace in Wuhan, smaller retailing formats are on the rise. Featuring specialised positions or convenient locations, chained food specialist such as Bestore, convenience stores such as TODAY are well received by Wuhanese.

Strong preference for freshness leads to increasing proportion of fresh food in hyper/supermarkets

To cater the local preference for freshness, several local retailers have actively expanded the shelf allocations for fresh foods and fresh-made products. Local giants, such as Zhongbai, even shift its orientation from grocery provider to fresh food provider for it chained hyper/super markets.

Wuhan has great potential in O2O retailing

Thanks to the accumulated high-tech experts and preferential policies inOptics Valley, Wuhan is the fertile ground for O2O retailing. High-tech O2Oretailers, such as 7TT and Three Squirrels, all placed their offices in Optics Valley. The superior logistics is also in favor of cross-border O2O retailing.

Wuhan: manufacturing and transportation hub in the Central China
Consumer Profile: P rice sensitive and convenience-oriented
A Typical Occasion
Key findings
Local retailing giants dominate the retailing in Wuhan
Local retailing giants lead the retailing transformation
Community economy stimulates demand for smaller retailing formats
Accelerated pace of life facilitates the growth of smaller formats
Fresh foods contribute to a high share in hyper/super markets
Chilled ready meals constitute a high proportion of sales
High-tech experts in Optics Valley boosts the rise of O2O retailing
Logistic superiority is in favor of cross-border O2O retailing
Zhong Bai Holdings Group Co Ltd
Wuhan Kuaishu Technology Co Ltd
Zhou Hei Ya international Holdings Co Ltd
Key takeaways


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