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Retailing in Xiamen

August 2019

China’s reforms and opening up are driving growth in Xiamen. It is a premier international seaport and a popular tourist destination, with unique shopping districts combining international brands and local independent stores, which offer an appealing shopping experience for both local residents and tourists. Retro interior designs, creative products and excellent service are key features of the local fine speciality stores.

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Key Findings

Reformation and transformation turns historic district into vibrant shopping centre

Although Xiamen is less economically developed than China’s first-tier cities, it has attracted many international brands, which bring commercial value to the historic district. In addition to brands, local operators are bringing in more experiential features, including cultural exhibitions, to Xiamen.

Creative souvenirs and specialities are popular among both locals and visitors

Xiamen is a city where different cultures meet, which contributes to the city’s entrepreneurial spirit. Tourists enjoy shopping at local places such as Zhongshan Road and Gu Lang Yu. Speciality gift shops with European architecture and attractive interior decoration are among the highlights of the local shopping experience.

Local residents have easy access to convenience stores and supermarkets

Xiamen’s geographic features and its relatively high density of population have contributed to a boom in local convenience stores and supermarkets located in or near residential areas. Residents thus have easy access to both mass supermarkets and high-end daily shopping outlets.

E-commerce offers convenience for travellers

The favourable economic and foreign trade environment favour the development of cross-border commerce in Xiamen. Travellers can benefit from pick-up services at the airport for local specialities.

Xiamen: a premier seaport and popular tourist destination in China
Consumer profile: creativity, comfort and convenience
A typical outlet
Key findings
International brands contribute to commercial value in the old town
Cultural and sports experiences attract store traffic
Artistic design and relaxed environment in popular tourist spots
Product innovation and good service appeal to younger generations
Local brands dominate in convenience stores and supermarkets
Neighbourhood locations for convenience stores and supermarkets
Tourists can choose to pick up locally purchased gifts at airport
Due to Xiamen’s location, cross-border e-commerce is burgeoning
Xiamen Fook Management Ltd
Yonghui Superstores Co Ltd
Xiamen Sungiven Foods Holding Ltd
Key takeaways


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