Risks and Opportunities as the Oakland Raiders Touch Down in Las Vegas

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Nov 2017

This report analyses the commercial future of the Oakland Raiders as the National Football League (NFL) franchise relocates to Las Vegas for either the 2019 or 2020 season. Las Vegas offers many opportunities, from increasing stadium-based revenues, re-thinking commercial partnership options within the travel industry and elsewhere, and in the longer term providing a channel to further grow both the team and sport internationally, and develop a larger global fan base.

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Risks and Opportunities as the Oakland Raiders Touch Down in Las Vegas

The Oakland raiders re-locate

Analysis of the relocation of the Oakland Raiders NFL franchise from Oakland, California to Las Vegas, Nevada. This involves  assessing commercial opportunities across various revenue streams, while highlighting the broader options that Las Vegas can offer the franchise, and the league. The report will focus on four main areas that will ultimately determine the viability and long-term success of the planned move.

Founded in 1960

The Raiders are a long-established nomadic NFL franchise. The most recent season, Raiders’ 57th in total and 23rd since returning to Oakland from Los Angeles, was a successful outing. A 12-4 record represented a notable improvement on the previous season that saw their campaign finish with an unimpressive seven wins and nine losses.

New home needed 

The expiration of the Raiders’ lease on the Oakland Alameda Coliseum, the home of the franchise for nearly 20 years, opened the door to new negotiations. Following several seasons of year-to-year leases, stadium negotiations with the city of Oakland, California, proved unsuccessful. 

More seats need to grow incomes

In terms of stadium capacity, the Alameda Coliseum finished bottom of the league, with 5,437 fewer seats than the second smallest, Soldier Field, home of the Chicago Bears, and 37,333 seats less than the largest, AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys. This illustrates the urgency with which the Raiders have sought to relocate following the failed negotiations.

If the Raiders’ potential is to be fully realised, the franchise needs a new place to call home.

Scope of the report
Oakland Raiders: Background and recent performance

Risks and opportunities as the Oakland Raiders touch down in Las Vegas

Low stadia ceiling prompts Raiders to relocate from Oakland
The Raiders’ long road to Las Vegas
Looking at the big picture: Can Las Vegas compete with Bay Area? (1 )
Looking at the big picture: Can Las Vegas compete with Bay Area? (2)
How Las Vegas stacks up against the Raiders’ ancestral home
Professional team sports: San Francisco Bay Area versus Las Vegas
Las Vegas a long-time utopia for the sports fan
Taking flight: Airline industry to provide a smooth transition for Raiders?
Delivering on value: Paying the Las Vegas premium
Stadia analysis: Out with the old, in with the new
Setting the new stadium standard: The options on the table for Raiders
Sustainable commercial success dependent on exciting performances
Defining excitement: A proxy for understanding Vegas’ value generation
Exciting in-play betting apps: Crucial for the casuals ?
Luxury Las Vegas hotels to challenge Marriott Monopoly (post-move)?
The points scored off the pitch: A reason to partner with MGM?
Beyond tourism: Commercial opportunities permeate multiple industries
PepsiCo outpacing Coca-Cola in terms of NFL partnership
Beastmode: Exploiting individual franchise sponsorship opportunities
Maximising commercial g rowth w hile p reserving p ersonality is crucial
Image is everything: The Raiders’ inescapable influence on pop culture
Social media growth shows where to focus strategy
Raiders’ digital reach failing to cross the ocean?
Global view: Untapped potential in a digitally connected China
Global view: Chinese fans more likely to engage online
Back to basics: The limited value of short-term price hikes
Reaching the end-zone: Maximising value for Las Vegas Raiders