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RTD Coffee in Western Europe

April 2019

In Western Europe, RTD coffee is still a niche market but it is expected to be one of the most dynamic segments of soft drinks in the near future. While German-speaking countries remain the category’s core business, strong growth is coming from immature markets. In the last two years, many new brands and varieties have been rolled out, such as cold brew coffee and nitro brew options, attracting new targets and meeting different consumer needs.

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Key Findings

RTD coffee promises great growth potential in Europe

Although RTD coffee remains a niche market with USD1.1 billion retail value sales in Western Europe, it is expected to be one of the most dynamic categories over the forecast period, recording a CAGR of 7% in both off-trade volume and value terms. Germany confirms its leading position with 42% of total retail volume sales in 2018, while Turkey, Spain and the UK also continue to register strong performances.

Healthy living and busier lifestyles drive consumers into the arms of RTD coffee

Consumers are ever-more aware about the effect of sugar and artificial ingredients on body health, pushing them to switch from classic soft drinks to healthier options. Nevertheless, healthy is not enough anymore, as consumers are looking to naturally functional beverages to boost their energy due to busier lifestyles, benefiting ready-to-drink coffee sales.

Cold brew coffee and nitro brew create new consumption occasions in the market

Millennials are changing the idea of traditional coffee. They are more likely to drink different varieties of coffee - from a classic hot coffee to nitro brew - on the basis of their everyday needs and times of the day. Thanks to their distinct proprieties and smooth taste, cold brew coffee and nitro brew have met more consumer needs than simple functionality, capturing new consumer targets.

New growth drivers are the way forward

Lactose-free options, new functional ingredients and exotic tastes are the way forward, allowing the RTD coffee category to capture a significant portion of new consumers. Success depends on the industry's ability to adapt its ranges to meet a new, diverse consumer demand.

Key findings
RTD coffee shows a large potential growth in Western Europe
Organic growth over the forecast period
Germany leads RTD coffee in Western Europe…
…while Turkey and the UK show the highest historic CAGRs
RTD coffee remains a niche market compared to other soft drinks
Cold brew coffee and nitro brew creates new consumption occasions
Strong performance of plastic to-go cups in Western Europe
Convenience stores benefit from busier lifestyles
Conclusions: RTD coffee in Western Europe
Innovation in RTD coffee impacts private label
Emmi Group strong in established markets
Starbucks and Nestlé gain ground on Emmi
Remarkable stability in share rankings of leading brands
New products developments: snapshot
Turkey shows the largest growth over the forecast period
Slow growth in mature markets
Snapshot on innovative growth drivers in Western Europe
Strong elasticity to price in Western Europe
Habit persistence plays an important role in RTD coffee sales
Could RTD coffee with infused CBD oil take hold in Western Europe?
Germany: market context
Germany: competitive and retail landscape
Switzerland: market context
Switzerland: competitive and retail landscape
Austria: market context
Austria: competitive and retail landscape
Spain: market context
Spain: competitive and retail landscape
UK: market context
UK: competitive and retail landscape
Netherlands: market context
Netherlands: competitive and retail landscape
Norway: market context
Norway: competitive and retail landscape
Turkey: market context
Turkey: competitive and retail landscape
France: market context
France: competitive and retail landscape
Belgium: market context
Belgium: competitive and retail landscape
Italy: market context
Italy: competitive and retail landscape
Finland: market context
Finland: competitive and retail landscape
Sweden: market context
Sweden: competitive and retail landscape
Denmark: market context
Denmark: competitive and retail landscape
Greece: market context
Greece: competitive and retail landscape
Ireland: market context
Ireland: competitive and retail landscape
Portugal: market context
Portugal: competitive and retail landscape
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