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Sauces, Dressings and Condiments in Latin America

February 2021

There was a spike in retail value growth for sauces, dressings and condiments in Latin America in 2020. This was driven both by the closure of foodservice outlets for periods during the year as well as consumers spending more time at home as a result of lockdowns/quarantines and remote working/learning due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). With more meals being prepared at home as a result, demand for sauces, dressing and condiments increased in the retail channel.

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Key Findings

Healthy historic period performance

There is a tradition in some countries, including Brazil, of making seasonings and dressings at home, with consumers growing their own products, creating small vertical gardens even in limited living spaces. However, busier modern lifestyles are seeing consumers looking for more practical alternatives to flavour their home-made food. This will involve them increasingly looking to packaged products, so that natural ingredients and using claims such as “naturally tasty”, “home-made” or “fresh flavour” will be popular. Sales of sauces, dressings and condiments therefore recorded a healthy CAGR over 2015-2020.

Pandemic a positive influence on sales

In spite of the economic impact of the measures taken to contain COVID-19, the pandemic was driving retail sales of sauces, dressings and condiments in 2020. With the foodservice channel faced with shutdowns and consumers spending a lot more time at home than normally, this saw increased meal preparation in the home for long stretches of 2020, boosting demand for this category’s products.

Pasta sauces and pickled products driving growth

Pasta sauces is the main product in Brazil, led by Cargill’s popular value-for-money Pomarola brand. Pasta sauces offer solutions for consumers looking for a good cost-benefit ratio as well as those searching for more expensive varieties made with premium fresh ingredients. In Mexico, pickled products lead the way, with this category continuing to see new entrants (eg Knorr) and new launches (eg Conservas La Costeña’s extra hot pickled chili peppers with onions).

New regulations should help to drive sales of healthy products

Albeit less marked than in some regions, there is a rising trend towards healthier products in Latin America. This should also be driven by new labelling regulations in a number of countries, including Brazil and Mexico, to inform consumers about the high content of certain ingredients in food products such as salt, sugar and fat.





Key findings

Regional Overview

Latin American sales increase in line with the global CAGR in 2015-2020
Further positive growth expected over the forecast period
Brazil and Mexico drive new sales in 2015-2020
Pasta sauces and pickled products drive Latin American growth
Brazil and Mexico, as the dominant markets, drive growth
Pandemic has a positive impact on sales in 2020 in Latin America
Supermarkets the leading distribution channel
Strong growth for e-commerce in 2020

Leading Companies and Brands

Relatively fragmented competitive landscape in Latin America
Unilever continues gaining share in 2020
Brazil and Mexico the main revenue generators for top 10 players
Knorr on the rise but La Costeña and Best Foods/Hellmann’s still lead

Forecast Projections

More positive growth on the way in the forecast period
Forecast period to see a stronger CAGR

Country Snapshots

Argentina: Market Context
Argentina: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Bolivia: Market Context
Bolivia: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Brazil: Market Context
Brazil: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Chile: Market Context
Chile: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Colombia: Market Context
Colombia: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Costa Rica: Market Context
Costa Rica: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Dominican Republic: Market Context
Dominican Republic: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Ecuador: Market Context
Ecuador: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Guatemala: Market Context
Guatemala: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Mexico: Market Context
Mexico: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Peru: Market Context
Peru: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Uruguay: Market Context
Uruguay: Competitive and Retail Landscape


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