Savoury Snacks in Eastern Europe

January 2022

Sales of savoury snacks continued growing in most Eastern European countries in 2020 and 2021, in spite of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Even if some on-the-go sales were lost during the pandemic, particularly in 2020, home seclusion has tended to benefit sales of many snack types, including the trend towards larger pack sizes in some countries. While newer categories like tortilla chips will be most dynamic in 2021-2026, potato chips and nuts, seeds and trail mixes will continue to dominate sales.

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Key findings

Sales continue growing during the pandemic

Although Eastern European countries experienced major disruptions in both 2020 and 2021 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, sales have generally continued seeing positive growth. While some impulse or on-the-go sales might have been lost as a result of mobility restrictions, the products in this market represent affordable snacks, with home seclusion actually helping to boost sales in many cases. Large pack sizes have continued becoming more popular in some markets, especially in potato chips, as they offer better value for money as well as being good for sharing among families snacking together more often in their own households due to home seclusion.

Health trend continues to be seen in savoury snacks

There has continued to be a rising trend towards healthier products – for example, being baked rather than fried, or containing less fat or salt. Rising health consciousness is expected to have an increasing influence over the forecast period, with players continuing to launch more brands and products with health claims such as “lower salt content”, “low fat”, “no additives” and “no preservatives”. In addition, products like rice snacks, vegetable and pulse chips or nuts and seeds will also remain popular for their healthy characteristics.

PepsiCo a strong number one

PepsiCo remains the clear leader in Eastern Europe, well ahead of the rest of the pack. Although it has a number of brands in the region, including Max, Cheetos, Doritos and Khrusteam/Hrusteam, market number one Lay’s continues to account for more than half of its overall share.

Further positive growth expected

Savoury snacks will continue to record positive growth over the forecast period. Potato chips will account for around 40% of the total new value sales. Tortilla chips will continue to be the most dynamic product over 2021-2026.


Key findings

Regional Overview

Eastern Europe records strong historic period growth
Positive growth rates throughout 2016-2026 for Eastern Europe
Russian potato chips and Polish nuts, seeds and trail mixes adding value
Tortilla chips record the highest 2016-2021 CAGR in Eastern Europe
Russia and potato chips still the major influences on the overall market
Pandemic still impacting Eastern European sales in 2021
Modern grocery retailers continue to dominate savoury snacks sales
E-commerce gains share, but remains a minor sales channel

Leading Companies and Brands

PepsiCo and Kellogg driving consolidation in Russia
PepsiCo continues strengthening its leading position
Russia the major revenue generator in the region
Lay’s, Max and Pringles the leading brands

Forecast Projections

Continued growth expected for savoury snacks in Eastern Europe
Dynamic tortilla chips but potato chips will add most new sales
Rising GDP will help offset shrinking populations

Country Snapshots

Belarus: Market Context
Belarus: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Market Context
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Bulgaria: Market Context
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Croatia: Market Context
Croatia: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Czech Republic: Market Context
Czech Republic: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Estonia: Market Context
Estonia: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Georgia: Market Context
Georgia: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Hungary: Market Context
Hungary: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Latvia: Market Context
Latvia: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Lithuania: Market Context
Lithuania: Competitive and Retail Landscape
North Macedonia: Market Context
North Macedonia: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Poland: Market Context
Poland: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Romania: Market Context
Romania: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Russia: Market Context
Russia: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Serbia: Market Context
Serbia: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Slovakia: Market Context
Slovakia: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Slovenia: Market Context
Slovenia: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Ukraine: Market Context
Ukraine: Competitive and Retail Landscape


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