Segmentation Analysis

Segmentation Analysis with Euromonitor Consulting helps clients develop relevant and effective strategies addressing each segment of a market, helping your organisation maximise the value of each customer.

How Segmentation Analysis helps

Pinpoint relevant segments

Dissect the market into meaningful customer segments, understand the key characteristics of each segment and assess their preferences, motivations and desires.

Determine the size of the prize

Quantify the size and business potential
​for each segment and identify the most attractive or profitable segments for your business.

Cater to specific targets

Review and fine-tune product value proposition and marketing mix to customers’ needs. Formulate and tailor-made strategies to target each segment most efficiently

Supports many functions

Euromonitor Consulting can help your company with unique challenges, anticipate change, inform the strategic planning process and reach annual targets.


Understand markets through more compelling insights, generating ideas, customer segment hypotheses and improved competitive positioning.


Identify, evaluate and validate new opportunities and reposition existing products through in-depth market intelligence.

Marketing communications

Market segment analysis is key for focusing your marketing efforts on the most promising groups of customers and reaching them with optimal marketing mixes.

Business Development

Improve customer retention, test assumptions and measure the elements of your most promising target groups. Build detailed profiles to support your marketing and promotional initiatives.