Segmenting Consumer Skin Care Expectations

March 2018

Euromonitor segments consumers skin care expectations into five benefit groups to understand the interrelated sets of needs and benefits that drive consumers’ skin care purchases. Results are based on responses to Euromonitor’s 2017 Beauty Survey, which includes 20,000 online consumers in 20 countries.

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Segmenting consumer skin care expectations

Consumer expectations of healthy, glowing and youthful skin are driving demand for skin care products that offer more than just basic benefits. Sought-after skin care benefits can be better understood by grouping them into five categories: rejuvenating, age defying, age reversing, imperfection correcting and beauty enhancing.

Rejuvenating skincare has added more steps and products to beauty routines

Skin care routines are no longer restricted to cleansing and moisturising. Consumers seeking rejuvenation have added new products, formats and even technology to their grooming routines. Even basic moisturisers have evolved to include day-night formats targeting specific skin concerns.

Timeless beauty needs age-specific skin care solutions with the right mix of age defying and reversing benefits

While consumers of all ages are flocking towards anti-ageing products, specific age-related skin needs do change with maturity. Anti-ageing expectations can be better met with age-specific preventive and corrective benefits, along with consumer education and expectation setting.

Imperfection correction offers great opportunities in dermo-cosmetics and men’s grooming

Not everyone is blessed with flawless skin naturally, and individuals (including men) expect skin care to address their specific skin concerns. Consumers worried about skin conditions will pay a premium for dermo-cosmetics or dermatologist-recommended brands.

Consumers’ skin care expectations are expanding to include cosmetic beauty enhancing benefits

Time pressure,as well as a preference for a natural make-up-free look, is pushing women to pursue products with dual skin and cosmetic benefits. To better launch successful hybrid products globally, brands must understand the nuanced perceptions of beauty in each market.


Key findings

Segmenting Consumer Skin Care Expectations into Five Benefit Groups

Consumers buy benefits, not mere products
Proven efficacy commands a premium price
Consumer skin care expectations: five benefit groups
Categorising consumer skin care expectations
Top five products sought for each benefit category

Skin Care Benefit Groups: Rejuvenating

Profile of consumers seeking rejuvenating skin care benefits
Rejuvenating skin care has evolved into multi-step routines
Products formats also evolving to meet rejuvenation demands
Masking all sorts of skin concerns in only a few minutes
Powered with tech solutions

Skin Care Benefit Groups: Age-defying and Age-reversing

Profile of consumers seeking age-defying skin care benefits
Profile of consumers seeking age-reversing skin care benefits
Demand for anti-ageing skin care benefits set to grow
Perfecting age-specific needs of young and old women alike
Consumers seeking timeless beauty need age-specific solutions
Opportunities for growth with age-specific skin care offerings
Consumer awareness and education is important too
Anti-ageing for men on the horizon
Leveraging science at the cutting edge of anti-ageing benefits

Skin Care Benefit Groups: Imperfection Correcting

Profile of consumers seeking Imperfection correcting benefits
Imperfection correcting skin care offers great opportunities
Value-adding product features and label claims
Equal opportunity in men’s grooming
Product innovation using microbes, tech devices

Skin Care Benefit Groups: Beauty Enhancing

Profile of consumers seeking beauty enhancing skin care benefits
Desire for beauty enhancing benefits highest among young women
Beauty enhancing skin care fills a need for “natural” women
Varied, and nuanced, definitions of beauty across markets
Huge opportunities for potent lightening/whitening products

Targeting Consumer Skin Care Expectations

Positioning skin care benefits to meet demanding expectations


Overview of Beauty Survey


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