Serving Sweets in a Savoury World: Global Trendsand Innovation in Sweet Biscuits

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Oct 2017

While biscuits manufacturers have performed relatively better than those in confectionery, the future is challenged by shifting demographics and dietary patterns in the West and growing competition in the East. This briefing looks at the changing landscape in sweet biscuits within the context of Asia Pacific, which hosts some of the world’s most dynamic economies. The briefing also has a section on innovation and future drivers from Euromonitor International’s MegaTrends initiative.

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Serving Sweets in a Savoury World: Global Trendsand Innovation in Sweet Biscuits

The Sweet biscuit focus shifts to Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific, which overtook North America to become the world’s largest region for sweet biscuits, still has relatively low per capita consumption illustrating its potential. Within Asia Pacific, India, Indonesia and Vietnam are the markets to watch out for, in particular in indulgent categories such as wafers and cookies. India is the region’s rising star and is set to generate almost the same growth as China.

Multinationals’ presence challenged by local players

Similar to the rest of packaged food, also in sweet biscuits Asian brands started to become more visible in the global market. Of the top five leading sweet biscuits brands in 2017, two come from Asia Pacific. Britannia, which is the leading biscuit brand in India overtook Chips Ahoy!, the flagship US cookie brand, to be the world’s biggest brand in 2016. Similarly, India’s Parle, now sells more than both Kellogg’s Keebler and Pepsi Co’s Gamesa.

Innovation is driven by indulgence, convenience and ethics

When it comes to sweet biscuits, weight management is of lesser concern. Innovation will be centred around indulgence which will manifest itself through refined and functional ingredients. As consumer spending shifts from things to experiences,manufacturers should re-evaluate their channel strategy and look beyond brick-and mortar outlets, exploring options such as concept stores and branded cafés to drive sales.

Young people maybe the consumers of today but the elderly are valuable consumersneed to be catered to

By 2030, the child population will decrease in favour of elderly consumers. Hence it will be increasingly important to know the preferences, ages, health status and shopping habits of the elderly population. Japan is ahead of the global curve when it comes to ageing but Western Europe and Americas see a strong increase in the ageing population as birth rates plummet and the family unit is redefined.


Key findings

Global Sweet Biscuits Market

Confectionery leads snack sales but savoury options grow the fastest
Plain biscuits the largest segment, fruit and nut bars the fastest growing
Sweet biscuits s ales dictated by the US, Brazil and China
MEA and Asia Pacific boast the fastest growing biscuits markets
Russia and France rise in the global rankings, Japan and the UK fall
PepsiCo overtakes Pladis to become world’s second leading player…
….driven by rapid expansion in Latin American market
The rise of Asian brands in global biscuits

Deep Dive: Asia pacific

Asia Pacific: China leads sales; India is closing the gap to Japan
US and Brazil’s dominance is being challenged
Chinese consumers turn away from Oreo
Key trends in sweet biscuits in China
E-commerce a key driver behind biscuits and wafers’ growth in China
India: The power of the local
Kiranas, not e-commerce, will fuel growth in India
Russia leads wafer sales but Indonesia is fast closing the gap

Wafers in Indonesia

Indonesian biscuits market dictated by wafers
Nabati is Indonesia’s fastest growing company

Key Trends Impacting Innovation

This is how the 2017 cookie crumbles
Reformulating ingredients to reclaim health
Functional biscuits are in, better for you options are out
Free from gluten, free from guilt ?
Indulgence repositioned: Grab-and-go goes mainstream
Clean label is as much about value as it is about health
Foodservice growth exceeds retail as consumers seek experience
Blurring of boundaries between retail and foodservice

Serving the Future Consumer

Serving seniors will be the challenge of the future
China and India set to contribute more to growth than the US
Market environment a key driver in Pakistan, soft drivers in Egypt