Shifting Market Frontiers: Asian Century

December 2017

The Asian market is as important as ever. Half of global growth in consumer expenditure will originate in the region in the coming years. As a result, Asia Pacific will attract growing attention from global companies, for many of which Asia will become the key market. However, it is a market that is full of challenges - consumers are diverse, competition from local players is increasing and distribution channels are underdeveloped.

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Asia Pacific to take hold of the world’s consumer market growth

Asia already accounts for over half of the global population, but less than a third of consumer expenditure. Given the vast potential in terms of income growth, Asia is set to become the backbone of consumer markets with an expected 50% of global consumer expenditure coming from Asia by 2050.

Consumers are diverse but usually collective minded and connected

Asian consumers are extremely diverse, however key traits that unite the majority of Asian consumers are collective mindedness and strong emphasis on tradition as well as high level of internet usage. As of 2017, Asia Pacific is home to 50% of global internet users.

Half of global growth in consumer goods from Asia Pacific

Asia will remain the key driver for consumer industries over 2017-2022. Consumer electronics and personal accessories will see close to 100% of absolute value growth coming from the region while some of the more saturated industries such as tobacco, soft and hot drinks will see 20-40% of value growth coming from Asia. In between, industries such as beauty, apparel and packaged food lie, all of which will derive around 50% of future growth from Asia.

Asian businesses starting to add to global competition

Asian companies across industries are increasingly visible and prominent due to stronger focus on quality, innovation and specific client needs. This means their Western counterparts will start facing increased competition from domestic players not only in Asia Pacific, but also in their mature home markets.

Asia Pacific to drive global luxury goods demand

The consistently rising income levels and increasing number of high-income households will facilitate strong growth in luxury goods in Asia Pacific. Asia is already the biggest and most lucrative luxury goods market and will become even more important in the coming five years due to the rising trend of premiumisation.


Key findings
Megatrend analysis
“Shifting Market Frontiers” is one of our eight focus megatrends
Asian Century: the key trend in shifting market frontiers
Challenges and opportunities

Socioeconomic Significance of Asian Century

Asian century : key milestones
Asia to become backbone of global economy
Asia’s population growth to decelerate; median age to increase
Asian consumer powered by growing disposable income
China home to 60% of Asia’s top income population by 2030
Asia to outpace global growth in luxury goods

Asian Consumer Types

Asian consumers: who are they?
China: secure traditionalists dominate
Japan: exclusively high dominance of balanced optimists
India: conservative homebodies taking the lead
Indonesia: largest share of impulsive spenders globally
Euromonitor International global consumer types 2017

Asian Century Across Industries

Asia Pacific to drive majority of consumer markets
Packaged food : growth remains high, but competition intensifies
Packaged food: over half of global growth in Asia Pacific
Nutricia : rebranding and attention to distribution lead to success
Frisian flag Indonesia PT: responding to client needs guarantees success
Toly : gaining trust through short-term products
Beauty and personal care: Asia Pacific remains top growth area
Beauty and personal care: customised products to lead growth
AmorePacific: focus on digitisation to increase brand visibility
L’Oréal: digital platforms help boost luxury brand sales in China
Apparel and footwear: smaller categories to drive growth
Apparel and footwear : varied growth in categories
adidas: investing in e-commerce to accelerate Asian sales
Heilan home : successfully changing its traditionalist image
Consumer electronics: undisputed Asian dominance globally

Asian Century across Industries

Consumer electronics: Asian companies grow global muscles
Lenovo: most dynamic in Western countries
Xiaomi: global dominance in wearable electronics


Asian Century: what to focus on
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