Shifting Market Frontiers: State of Play 2019

September 2019

The report examines how the Shifting Market Frontiers megatrend has evolved over the last 12 months. It provides analysis on how shifting economic power, technology, and population changes are impacting core Shifting Market Frontier megatrends, and provides analysis of future scenarios and the implications for business.

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Key Findings

Shifting economic power remains the core driver of changes

Shifting economic power remains the core driver of changes in the Shifting Market Frontiers megatrend. The often overlooked tipping point of this trend was in 2008, when emerging markets overtook developed countries for the first time in their contribution to world GDP in PPP terms. Shifting economic power is especially evident in Asia, with the region set to become the world’s largest economic region over the next decade, with China leading the way. Africa is another fast-developing region offering good future growth opportunities, as 13 out of the 20 fastest-growing economies by 2030 are expected to be in Africa.

Population change is another key driver of changes, and highly correlates with shifting economic power. Thanks to a rapidly growing population, Asia is forecast to become the largest consumer market. This trend is especially evident in China, as population growth in the country’s mid-size cities drives economic shifts.

Environmental pressures are driving significant changes in global economic structure. Growing demand for natural resources creates a demand and supply mismatch, while at the same time countries are facing an urgent need to move to greener energy to cut pollution. Global warming is also opening up new resources in the Arctic, yet at the same time geopolitical tensions rise.

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Shifting economic power remains the core driver of changes
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