Shifting Market Frontiers


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Aug 2017

As some areas of the globe become over-farmed, over-populated, or otherwise reach their maximum potential, others gain prominence. Asia will evolve as the global leader in population, production and consumption in next 10 years, including the growth of middle classes. Africa is another high-potential area; so are space and the Arctic. Finally, technology opens a new virtual market of young, technology savvy consumers across the globe.

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Shifting Market Frontiers


Shifting market frontiers will shape the future strategies of global companies across industries. To ensure future growth, businesses will have to adapt to the changing demographic, economic and technological reality that bring new markets from frontier into the spotlight.


Companies are facing increasing global competition, rising complexity, and cost of researching and entering the new frontier markets.


By 2030, developing countries will account for over 60% of global population and GDP. Multinational companies will increasingly see their key revenue streams coming from Asia Pacific and the most lucrative opportunities arising in the underdeveloped African markets.


As people spend increasing amounts of time on the internet, social networks and virtual reality, successful companies are using it to their advantage. Virtual reality is especially attractive, as it allows companies to access young, technology savvy consumers across the globe in one place and the creative freedom of the media is unlimited.


In the face of global warming, the Arctic is becoming increasingly accessible for global mining, shipping, tourism and other industries. But opportunities come with high environmental risks and pressure from public and private sectors to maintain high sustainability standards.


Humankind’s interest in space is long-standing. Ultimately, as population grows and Earth’s natural resources diminish, sources outside our planet will have be found to cater to the ever-growing demand.

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Megatrend analysis at Euromonitor International
Megatrend framework
Shifting Market Frontiers is one of our eight focus megatrends
Key findings on Shifting Market Frontiers
Shifting Market Frontiers
Frontier markets becoming central
Challenges and opportunities

What is Driving the Trend?

Five core drivers are shaping Shifting Market Frontiers
Shifting economic power: Asia and Africa are at the centre
Population change: 80% of future growth also in Asia and Africa
Technology: unconventional markets opening up
Environmental shifts and pressures: incentives to go beyond earth
Changing values: VR to benefit from shift in values

Shifting Market Frontiers in Action

Shifting Market Frontiers: Key trends
Asian Century
Alibaba: redefining global internet retailing and digital finance
AmorePacific : Smart K-beauty strategy to go global
Apple: rising to compete for the Indian market
China’s mid-size cities boom
Nestlé: re-introducing KitKat via Hsu-Fu-Chi channels
OPPO: disrupting the market with low to mid-end positioning
C'est Bon: outperforming peers by expanding sales networks
Africa rising
MasterCard: mobile technology boosting development
Chibuku : building on traditions for success
H&M: expansion with support to local manufacturing
VR beckons
IKEA: virtual reality to help customer service
P&G’s virtual friend: innovative fight over Chinese consumers
Virtually in Dubai: recreating experiences to fuel interest
Arctic opening
Intrepid: promoting sustainable tourism in fragile environments
Fednav : pioneering Canada’s Arctic shipping
Shell: abandoning plans to drill in the Arctic
The space economy
Moon Express: pioneering private space exploration
SpaceX : first tourists to the Moon in 2018
Vector Space Systems: revolutionising microsatellite launch
Shifting Market Frontiers: key market learnings


Shifting Market Frontiers in brief
Shifting Market Frontiers: what to focus on?
Leverage the power of megatrends to shape your strategy today