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Smart Assistants Are Infiltrating Speakers

February 2017

Increased smartphone storage space, availability of music streaming apps and a shift towards 4G have led consumers to increasingly use their smartphones as the primary medium to listen to their music on the go or at home which in turn is driving sales of wireless speakers. As a relatively low cost device, wireless speakers are also evolving into smart assistants that will provide numerous untapped opportunities and bring households closer to a connected home.

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Smartphones are enabling the growth of wireless speakers

The proliferation of smartphones and the increased availability of music streaming apps are boosting the growth of wireless speakers.

Paying music subscribers will opt for higher-priced models

Paid subscribers are more likely to be willing to opt for a premium wireless speaker having invested in a music subscription.

Rising demand for convenience-related offerings has led to new conduits for commerce

Consumers are increasingly willing to spend in order to free up time for more important and satisfying things in their lives by leveraging apps and technology.

Smart assistant technology is device-agnostic

The device-agnostic nature of major voice control technology means that it can be found or may be installed in numerous existing product categories such as wireless speakers and home cinema and speaker systems.

Sales of smart assistant speakers will exceed 60 million units in 2021

Amazon will hold on to its lead as the forerunner in the smart assistant speakers market due to its tightly integrated services.

Growth of smart assistant speakers will be driven by online retailers

Online retailers such as Amazon have the most to gain from widespread adoption of the smart assistant speakers. Critically, this provides another endpoint for consumers to interact with and purchase from.

Multiple industries will benefit from growth of smart assistant speakers

Industries that are set to be boosted by the growth of smart assistant speakers tend to be those that are able to bring about convenience to households’ mundane but routine chores or fulfil their entertainment needs.


Key findings

Market Outlook

Wireless speakers and wearables sustain growth
Value growth keeping pace with volume growth

Consumer Lifestyles and Demographics

Consumers in emerging markets are better off than ever
Family time is the top priority for consumers in all life stages
Consumers are more willing than ever to spend to free up time
Hectic lifestyles drive sales of tools that bring about convenience
Millennial travellers to see the biggest absolute growth
Connected generation’s insatiable appetite for connectivity
On-demand economy boosts the music streaming industry
Digital music sales exceeds physical for the first time in 2015
Paying subscribers are rising
Consumers aged 26-35 are more likely to pay for music

Key Drivers For Wireless Speakers

Key growth drivers of wireless speakers
Smartphones are the greatest enablers of wireless speakers
Wireless speakers to reach 73 million units in 2021
Unit prices are increasing concurrently with volume growth

Infiltration of Smart Assistant

Adoption of connected appliances to ramp up
Shopping reinvented: Next era of connected commerce
Smart assistant speaker is the next big thing for connected home
Smart assistant features are increasingly integrated into speakers
Amazon Alexa leads in the number of SKUs
Amazon’s win in smart assistant speakers is backed by its services
Smart assistant speakers will exceed 60 million units in 2021


Smart speakers to boost online sales of numerous industries
Attractive return policy for apparel and footwear is a major draw
Untapped potential in voice activated shopping
Home care: Auto-replenishment services relive routine chores
Which offers the most opportunities for smart assistant speakers ?
Future of wireless speakers

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