Soft Drinks in Ahmedabad

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Jan 2018

Gujarat being a dry state, the city offers a plethora of unique beverages to appeal to the taste buds of both Millennials and Baby Boomers. Millennials enjoy the wide variety of flavoured coffee available in the city including alcohol-inspired coffee and fusion drinks. The city also offers very unique traditional drinks including aam ras, piyush, thandai and komal. To cater to the evolving preferences of the customers, brand manufacturers keep innovating with these traditional drinks and offer n

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Soft Drinks in Ahmedabad

Coffee bars and tea lounges, key hangout locations for the young

Coffee bars and tea lounges are popular hangout places for young people in Ahmedabad. These places offer a wide array of unique flavours of coffee and tea.Alcohol-flavoured coffee is very popular and unique in the city. The flavoured coffee and tea powders are also available for sale. Some of these companies sell these products in modern retail stores in India.

Traditional drinks are more popular among consumers in Ahmedabad

People in Ahmedabad prefer traditional drinks over other beverages. These drinks are an integral part of their diet. Popular choices include chach, jal jeera, aampannah and soda. People consume these beverage by preparing it at home and as well as from restaurants. These brands are also available in retail outlets across the country.

Consumption of unique beverages based on season and festivals

People indulge in various beverages based on the season and the festival. The consumption pattern has cultural significance as well as associated vital vitamins and minerals needed for each season. For example, ukalo is a key hot beverage consumed during winter which is known to improve the immune system.

Evolution of traditional beverages with addition of ingredients and new packaging innovations

The evolution of traditional beverages is very unique to Ahmedabad. Traditional beverages have undergone minor changes in terms of ingredient and packaging to be relevant among Millennials. A few beverage start-ups have introduced sugar- free versions and fusion-based juices by adding super fruits to sugar cane juice and lemonade and packaged them in RTD bottle formats.

Ahmedabad profile: fast-growing, embracing new industries
Consumer profile: Traditional, simple and evolving
A typical day
Key findings
Coffee: The social drink of Ahmedabad youth
Citizens indulge in alcohol-flavoured and gourmet coffee
Ahmedabad offers unique flavoured drinks with health benefits
Traditional drinks appeal to Millennials and Baby B oomers equally
Speciality drinks prevalent based on seasons and festivals
Companies introduce products to ensure year-round availability
Addition of new ingredients to make traditional drinks healthier
Convenient packaging of traditional beverages key to success
Gujarat Tea Processors & Packers Ltd
CANE-D Pvt Ltd
Hetals Coffee Ltd
Key takeaways