Soft Drinks in Bangalore

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Jul 2017

Bangalore has the largest number of fresh fruit juice shops in the country. The city’s residents are ardent coffee drinkers. Freshly-brewed filter coffee is preferred over tea in most of the traditional households. The city is also one of the largest consumers of packaged drinking water due to water scarcity. An evolving trend is the state government’s initiatives for promoting innovation in the city. One such innovation backed by government is the juice made from cashew apple, the drink is popu

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Soft Drinks in Bangalore

Our Asian Speciality Drinks highlights the most recent trends and developments in 6 major industries. This major new product line analyses business opportunities and challenges that exist for these industries at a city market level. 
Bangalore: Population growth prompted by migration
Consumer profile: Traditional, cosmopolitan, preference for natural
Beverage consumption patterns
Key findings
Local juice shops fuel demand for natural beverages
Cost effectiveness and traditional values remain important
Large proportion of coffee consumed in unpackaged format
Branded and regional players attract the coffee-drinking population
Water scarcity in Bangalore fueling growth of bottled water
Heavy consumption of packaged drinking water will continue
New product developments supported by the government
Shankar Group of Companies - Bindu Fizz Jeera Masala
Cothas Coffee Co
Key takeaways