Soft Drinks in Delhi

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Jul 2017

Tea culture is unique across all social classes of Delhi. Soft drinks consumption spikes in summer, but love for beverages remains consistent all year round. Juice centres, carts selling traditional juices and dairy-based drinks are spread throughout the city. Carbonates are frequently drank by young adults during snacking, parties, or when eating out. Packaged water is gaining prominence in the capital, due to its position as a major tourist hub and concerns over hygiene.

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Soft Drinks in Delhi

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Delhi: A melting pot of diverse population
Development of NCR region influences consumer choice
Consumer profile: Experimental, enthusiastic, diverse interests
Beverage consumption patterns
Key findings
Preference for fresh beverages ingrained in the culture
Modern beverage choices mirror health, variety and convenience
Tea: A habit
Tea: Expanding boundaries
Bottled water: Now a necessity
Bottled water more sought after for out of home consumption
Carbonates: Popular choice for quick refreshment
Beverage preferences continue to evolve
Hamdard Laboratories (India)
Shri Bankey Bihari Foods
DS Group
Key takeaways