Soft Drinks in Hyderabad

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Mar 2018

The city of Hyderabad is known for its rich cultural heritage, unique food culture and taste. Tea is a widely consumer beverage in Hyderabad, with Irani chai being iconic to the city. Hyderabadis are quite high on indulgence but are particular about natural products. The lifestyles that Hyderabadis lead are culturally ingrained and as a result of which in the current day and age, consumers are still conservative in their outlook and prefer local, fresh, and natural products.

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Soft Drinks in Hyderabad

Wide popularity of tea and coffee

Hyderabad as a city consists of predominantly a tea drinking population.Irani tea is Hyderabad’s most iconic drink often consumed with Osmania biscuits. With changing times, both modern and traditional cafes now coexist and cater to the consumers’ changing tastes and preferences. Coffee is popular as a stress relieving drink and refresher.

Huge demand for local drinks

Consumers are predominantly traditional in the city and prefer consuming traditional fresh unpackaged drinks. Local drinks such as Hyderabadi lassi, arabic ghava and pudina pani are quite popular among the local crowd who prefer buying these from street side vendors and traditional retailers as they rightly capture consumers’ preferences and deliver on them.

Fruit based concentrates are seen as a convenient option to make drinks at home

Nutritional and fruit-based drinks are quite a hit among the population in Hyderabad. The juice market is flourishing in Hyderabad, owing to several factors such as growing health consciousness, changing consumption patterns and indulgence. Use of fruit concentrates to prepare drinks at home is significant.

Juice bars are quite popular in the city

The concept of exclusive retailing of milkshakes and juices has been introduced in Hyderabad a few years back and is enjoying highly positive response from young consumers especially. These places offer a wide variety of flavours to choose from and the drinks can be customised according to ones’ tastes and preferences.

Hyderabad: Overview
Consumer Profile: conscious, evolving and experimenting
A Typical Routine
Key findings
Tea and coffee: an integral part of Hyderabadi culture
Modern and traditional cafés coexist in Hyderabad
Local drinks are highly enjoyed by consumers in the city
Street side vendors are most popular retailers of local drinks
Concentrates are convenient substitute for home made drinks
Concentrates are an important ingredient for making desserts at home
Juice bars despite being expensive attract many footfalls
Customisation and variety of flavours adds to the popularity
CCL Products (India) Ltd
The Thickshake factory
Cleanse high
Key takeaways