Soft Drinks in Mumbai

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Jan 2018

Mumbai offers a variety of non-alcoholic drinks both for quenching thirst and to offer a drinking experience. Cultural and lifestyle diversity influences the choice of traditional and contemporary beverages in the city. Migrants from other states and abroad, along with locals in the city, have varied preferences in non-alcoholic drinks. Amidst its fast paced lifestyles and hot and humid climate for most part of the year, non-alcoholic beverages play a key role in the city.

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Soft Drinks in Mumbai

Cutting chai –synonymous with Mumbai

Cutting chai is a key element of street culture in Mumbai. Each of the tea stalls or tapris(local tea stalls) present all across the city have their own “secret method” of making the tea,which is equally popular among modern professionals and the lower classes. It is a staple for most of the citizens of Mumbai, often consumed with vada pao and poha. Cutting chai and the bustle of Mumbai life complement each other, and to exploit this opportunity,branded players like Chaayoz and Girnar are expanding their reach in the city.

Traditional drinks help Mumbai get going

While being developed and modern, the city has kept its traditions intact in the choice of beverages, which are an important part of Mumbai culture. The city’s beverages offer a mix of types and flavours, including traditional drinks that are unique to Mumbai. Kokam juice, sol kadi, sugar cane juice and coconut water are some of the popular traditional drinks which still play a key role, despite the various modern drinks options in the city.

City’s preference for energy and healthy drinks

Non-alcoholic drink consumption patterns in the city reflect its rich culture, along with its roleas a modern metropolis. Less traditional consumers in the city enjoy drinking a can of energy drink or other health drink concepts, like cold pressed juices, vitamin enriched flavoured water or superfruit juices. Mumbai has a forward-looking consumer base who are ready to embrace new healthier choices in beverages.

On-the-go packs and juice bars –rising trends

Mumbaikars tend to choose beverages which they can easily drink during their busy daily routines, for example a small pack of mineral water or fruit juice. Health consciousness and a readiness to experiment with products which contribute to well-being have paved the way for various juice bars and juice lounges, which are not just a health fad but a prominent emerging opportunity in the city.

Mumbai: financial capital of India
Consumer profile: up-to-date, fast paced and well-groomed
A typical daily regime
Key findings
Cutting chai plays a key role in Mumbai
Tea cafés and exclusive stores add to the love of tea
Popular traditional drinks: an attractive facet of Mumbai
Mumbai’s streets offer a range of local beverages
Beverages on the go
Healthy juice bars and lounges: a rising trend
Healthy beverages secure prominent space in the city
Inclination for healthy but trendy options pushes energy drinks demand
HAS Lifestyle Pvt Ltd
Girnar Food and Beverages Pvt Ltd
Xotik Frujus Pvt Ltd
Key takeaways