Soft Drinks in Xi'an

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Dec 2017

Entering the market early, local brand Ice Peak continues to outperform global giants in carbonates with strong brand loyalty and distribution channels. Affluent fruit resources bring out a prominence of pomegranate juice, mulberry juice and kiwifruit juice, whereas they are threaten by fresh-made juice during the ripen seasons. Oily diet drives demand for tea, which is enriched by Fu Tea and Yaowang Tea. Deeply affected by the lifestyle, functional beverage developed unevenly.

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Soft Drinks in Xi'an

Ice Peak is highly favoured by Xi’an consumers with early entry, successful branding and strong distribution network

Ice Peak was firstly introduced to Xi’an consumers in 1950s. With over 60years of production and sales, the company has developed deep expertise in orange carbonates and built up strong brand loyalty. In addition, vast network of retail outlets and successful branding strategies targeting at tourists provides Ice Peak a bulwark against competition with global giants.

Various types of fruit abound in Shaanxi leads to a burgeoning market of juice

Shaanxi is best known for its abundant fruit resources. It is not only the top producer of apple in China, but also the home town of kiwifruit and pomegranate. Thus a flourishing juice market has been developed. On the other hand, fresh-made juice is popular during the fruit harvest season. It is more healthy and poses a potential threat to juice development.

Tea remains valued by consumers thanks to its long planting history and digestive function

Because of local oily dishes, tea remains widely consumed and highly valued by Xi’an consumers. Given the long history of green tea planting in southern part of the province, people live here drink green tea to help digestion. Directly benefited from the lon g brilliant history, Xi’an has developed many tea types in the past, such as Fu Tea and Yaowang Tea. These tea types revived in recent years and make tea growing more crowded in the city.

Functional Beverage experiences unbalanced development

Deeply affected by local lifestyle, functional beverage, including functional bottle water, sports drinks and energy drinks registered an uneven consumption growth in Xi’an. Energy drinks are flat, because consumers in the city live a slower pace of life and are less stressed than top tier cities. Instead,functional bottle water and sport drinks is getting popular due to a rise of fitness lifestyle encouraged by the government

Non Alcoholic Drinks in Xi'an
Xi’an: startgate of the ancient silk road with long history
Consumer Profile: Juice lover s , Traditional, Slow pace of life
A Typical Day
Key findings
Local brand leads the carbonates with strong customer loyalty
Efficient branding strategies and distribution network bolster up Ice Peak
Rich fruits resources feed flourishing juice market
Unpackaged juice is worrisome to juice during ripen seasons
Shaanxi cuisine and tea planting tradition drives demand for green tea
Ancient tea types revive with cultural influence and health benefit
Leisure lifestyle slows energy drinks adsorption
Booming functional beverage driven by an emerging fitness lifestyle
Xi ’an Candy & Wine Group Co Ltd
Xi’an Y inRong Beverage Co Ltd
Xian Yang Jingwei Fu Tea Co Ltd
Key Takeaways