Some Like It Hot: Trends in Packaged Food Flavours and Ethnic Cuisine, Part 1

June 2012

Flavours remain crucial to the development and sale of packaged food because they speak directly to the pleasure of eating, as well as to important underlying consumer sentiments of indulgence, exoticism and authenticity. This global briefing examines how packaged food companies are not only tapping into consumer demand for spicier flavours worldwide, they are also using these stronger flavours as a means of adding value, driving retail value sales and, ultimately, protecting their margins.

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Objectives of global briefing
Key findings

Why Flavour Matters

The use of flavour in the global packaged food industry
Targeting the individual: Flavours for specific consumer segments
Pleasure and “feel good”: Flavour can add quality, fun and comfort
Escapism: Flavours of the world spread their wings
Provenance and authenticity: Greater interest in origin of flavours

Spicy Sauces, Dressings and Condiments

Consumer appetite for spicier food continues to grow worldwide
Asia Pacific driving global demand for spicy chilli/pepper sauces
China and Indonesia account for bulk of growth in Asia Pacific
Country focus: Heinz looking to spice up its business in Vietnam
Mexico dominates Latin American spicy chilli/pepper sauces
Country focus: Tabasco flavoured ketchup turns up heat in Ecuador
Country focus : Packaged crema huancaína in Peru
US drives spicy chilli/pepper sauces in North America
Campbell Soup working to spice up US sales of Pace salsa
France accounts for bulk of spicy sauces growth in Western Europe
Country focus: Spicing things up for the kids in Finland
South Africa the undisputed leader of spicy sauces in MEA
Modest gains in Australasia but Eastern Europe not so hot

Other Spicy Packaged Food Applications

Adding spice to other packaged food product categories
PepsiCo taps into spicy traditional flavours in Peruvian snacks
Estrella uses chilli and other novel flavours in Lithuania
Kraft Foods looks to add value to TUC crackers with spicy flavours
Kalleh Dairy Co launches chilli flavoured ice cream cones in Iran
Spicy flavours not an automatic recipe for success

Future Opportunities For Spicy Food

No cooling down in sight for consumers’ love of spicy flavours
Consumers want more complex, layered flavours when eating out
Strong global outlook for spicy sauces by retail volume and value
Asia Pacific, Latin America still driving spicy sauces market
Future prospects for spicy sauces remain strong across the board

Report Definitions

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