Sony Corp

Global Company Profile

Sony Corp in Consumer Electronics

Dec 2018

Sony, an electronics powerhouse in the 1980s, saw its profits plummet in the early 2000s due to digital disruption. The company started a transformation journey in 2012, realigning the business under “One Sony”. Sony is now posting record profits and…

USD 570
Strategy Briefing

Toys and Games: Global Trends, Developments and Prospects

Aug 2016

Macroeconomic instability had a profound negative impact on toy sales in some of the biggest emerging markets in 2015. However, strong sales of licensed toys, particularly Star Wars-related merchandise, have supported growth globally. Licensing,…

USD 1,325
Global Company Profile

Sony Corp in Toys and Games

Aug 2015

Sony Corp is one of the largest consumer electronics manufacturers in the world. The company’s lines of smartphones and televisions have long been underperforming making its video game console business one of the main sources of profitability. The…

USD 570
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