Sports Nutrition in Asia Pacific

August 2021

Sports nutrition was negatively affected by the pandemic in 2020, with growth slowing against a backdrop of gym closures and lockdowns. However, people were still trying to work out and exercise as best they could, in spite of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), meaning that sales were able to continue increasing. With health and wellness remaining important for consumers, particularly in the wake of the pandemic, sales are expected to continue to grow over the forecast period in Asia Pacific.

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Key Findings

Asia Pacific continues to be the fastest growing market

Asia Pacific continues to experience changing lifestyles backed by increased disposable incomes, which grew by 8% y-o-y over 2017-2018. People have developed an increased interest in fitness and healthy lifestyles, resulting in a rising trend amongst consumers to join gyms, as well as resorting to supplementation through sports nutrition to maintain a balanced diet.

Japan dominates with the largest share

In 2018 Japan was the largest market for sports nutrition products in Asia Pacific. It experienced an increase in sporting activities due to the fervour associated with the upcoming Summer Olympics in Tokyo in 2020. Also, people are becoming more aware of topics such as the benefits available from different types of products, and are increasingly reading product labels to gain maximum results.

Upcoming international sporting event in the region continue to boost growth

International sporting events such as the recent PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, followed by the approaching Summer Olympics in Tokyo in 2020 and the Winter Olympics in Beijing in 2022, have helped promote the health and wellness trend and created interest in sports amongst the mainstream, directly impacting sales.

Internet retailing sees strong growth

Under non-store retailing, internet retailing leads distribution in Asia Pacific due to factors such as a broader selection of options, greater convenience and lower prices. Also, there is an increase in cross-border e-commerce transactions through sports nutrition websites such as

Intense competition results in shifting brand rankings

The Asia Pacific market is witnessing a continuous shuffling in the rankings of the top brands due to intense competition. This resulted in Optimum Nutrition topping the market in 2018, due to the continued success of its products such as Gold Standard Whey, which are doing extremely well in India.


Key findings

Regional Overview

Strong growth for Asia Pacific over 2015-2020
Forecast period expected to see a return to stronger growth rates
China records the most dynamic growth over 2015-2020
Dynamic sports protein RTD growth in 2015-2020
Protein products continue to dominate sports nutrition sales
Health drives in Japan and China boosting sports nutrition sales
Grocery retailers lead sales in Japan…
…while e-commerce dominates distribution in China

Leading Companies and Brands

Leading countries have concentrated competitive landscapes
Meiji’s sales are boosted by its new sports protein RTD line
Japan the major revenue generator for the top 10 players
MuscleTech continues to move up the rankings

Forecast Projections

Continued positive growth rates expected over 2020-2025
Sports protein RTD growth rates to slow over the forecast period

Country Snapshots

China: Market Context
China: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Hong Kong, China: Market Context
Hong Kong, China: Competitive and Retail Landscape
India: Market Context
India: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Indonesia: Market Context
Indonesia: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Japan: Market Context
Japan: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Malaysia: Market Context
Malaysia: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Philippines: Market Context
Philippines: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Singapore: Market Context
Singapore: Competitive and Retail Landscape
South Korea: Market Context
South Korea: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Taiwan: Market Context
Taiwan: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Thailand: Market Context
Thailand: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Vietnam: Market Context
Vietnam: Competitive and Retail Landscape

Consumer Health

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