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Still Pampering? Opportunities and Challenges Facing the Global Spa and Beauty Industry

April 2010

As consumers become increasingly recession-weary, the need for pampering has never been greater. In a bid to look and feel good, consumers continue to indulge in the services of salons and spas while supplementing these with at-home beauty treatments to save costs. This new global report examines the latest trends in hair & beauty salons, nail bars, tanning salons and spas and compares these with trends in the retail beauty market, identifying those sectors which are most poised for future growt

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What this report includes

  • Top-level strategic analysis of how major consumer trends will influence global markets
  • Consumer insight
  • Impact across all relevant consumer markets
  • Unique graphics and case studies
  • Key market snapshots
  • Accompanying presentation to synthesise main findings

Why buy this report

  • Identify factors driving change now and in the future
  • Understand motivation
  • Forward-looking outlook
  • Briefings and presentation should provoke lively discussion at senior level
  • Take a step back from micro trends
  • Get up to date estimates and comment

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Demand Factors
Chart 1 Consumer Expenditure on Personal Care by Country 2009
Beauty Industry Trends
Hair and beauty trends Spa trends Tanning and nail salon trends
Consumer Market Trends
Chart 2 Global Sales of Selected At-home Beauty Products 2009
Summary 1 Opportunities and Challenges for the Beauty Services Industry to 2014


Consumer Expenditure
Personal care
Retail Sales
Hair care appliances Other personal care appliances Salon hair care Self-tanning General purpose body care
Destination spas Hotel/resort spas Other spas


Affordable Indulgence
The Pleasure Principle The Lipstick Effect The quest for value Anti-ageing remains recession-proof
The State of the Economy
Table 1 Real GDP Growth in Selected Countries 2007-2010
The Importance of Leisure
Striving for a better work-life balance Leave patterns
Celebrity Culture
Living the dream Influence on the young Use of celebrities in marketing
The Metrosexual Movement
Changing attitudes towards masculinity Trend reaches emerging markets
Consumer Expenditure on Personal Care
Chart 3 Per Capita Expenditure on Personal Care by Country 2009 Table 2 Consumer Expenditure on Personal Care by Country 2004/2009 Table 3 Personal Care as a % Total Consumer Expenditure by Country 2004 2009


Definitions becoming blurred Salon versus at-home treatments Marketing beauty services
Hairdressing Salon Trends
A consolidating market Major hairdressing chains Summary 2 Leading Hairdressing and Beauty Chains 2009 Discounting Natural products Demographic changes offer opportunities Growth in men's salons Pop-up salons Retail sales through salons Chart 4 Global Retail versus Salon Hair Care Sales 2004/2009
Beauty Salons
A fragmented market European preferences Table 4 Professional Treatment Trends by Major European Market 2008 Trends in skin treatments Trends in hair removal Beauty on the move
The spa market Table 5 Number of Spa-Goers by Leading Market 2007 Spa trends in Europe Table 6 Rates of Spa-going by Major European Market 2008 Spa revenues Chart 5 Spa Revenues by World Region 2007 Gender differences Table 7 Spa-goers by Gender in Major Markets 2007 Reasons for going to a spa Table 8 Comparative Importance of Reasons for Visiting a Spa in the US 2009 Types of treatment Luxury spas hit by recession Day spas fare better Retail spas make an appearance Discounting and special deals Improving customer service Natural ingredients fuel growth Growth in medical and dental spas Spa tourism Spa retail Chart 6 Average Expenditure on Spa Retail Products by Major Market 2008
Tanning Salons
The rise and fall of indoor tanning Anti-tanning publicity Legislative changes Growth of chains Mega salons Widening target market Expanding services Salon retail
Nail Salons
Market size Chart 7 Nail Salon Services Market Size in the US 2005-2009 Expanding services Chart 8 Leading Services Offered in US Nail Salons 2009 Safety issues Salon retail


Home Hair Care
Consumers forgo salons for home treatments Higher demand for professional appliances Salon hair care loses share to "professional" mass brands Colourants benefit from launch of fast treatments Table 9 Sales of Hair Appliances and Hair Care Products 2004/2009
Home Tanning
Self-tanning benefits from backlash against UV rays New product development in self-tanning focuses on convenience Chart 9 Sales of Self-tanning Products 2004-2009 Self-tanners versus gradual self-tanners Table 10 Self-tanning Trends in Europe 2008 Table 11 Self-tanning Trends in Europe by Gender 2008
Home Nail Care
Table 12 Sales of Nail Products by Subsector 2004/2009
Home Beauty and Relaxation
Skin care fuelled by need to self-treat Anti-agers and slimming products see surge in interest Pampering appliances small but growing segment Table 13 Sales of Depilatories, Skin Care Products and Appliances 2004/2009


Hair and beauty services Spa services Table 14 China: Spa Revenues 2004/2009 Retail sales Table 15 China: Retail Sales in Selected Sectors 2004/2009
Hair and beauty services Spa services Table 16 France: Spa Revenues 2004/2009 Retail sales Table 17 France: Retail Sales in Selected Sectors 2004/2009
Hair and beauty services Spa services Table 18 Germany: Spa Revenues 2004/2009 Retail sales Table 19 Germany: Retail Sales in Selected Sectors 2004/2009
Hair and beauty services Table 20 Italy: Sales of Cosmetics and Toiletries Through Salons 2007-2008 Spa services Table 21 Italy: Spa Revenues 2004/2009 Retail sales Table 22 Italy: Retail Sales in Selected Sectors 2004/2009
Hair and beauty services Spa services Table 23 Japan: Spa Revenues 2004/2009 Retail sales Table 24 Japan: Retail Sales in Selected Sectors 2004/2009
Beauty services Chart 10 UK: Hairdressing and Beauty Establishment Revenues 2002-2006 Chart 11 UK: Number of Hairdressing and Beauty Establishments by Type 2008 Spa services Table 25 UK: Spa Revenues 2004/2009 Retail sales Table 26 UK: Retail Sales in Selected Sectors 2004/2009
Hair and beauty services Tanning salons Chart 12 Nail Salon Services Market Size in the US 2005-2009 Table 27 US Salon Statistics 2008-2009 Spa services Table 28 US: Spa Revenues 2004/2009 Spa treatments and products Chart 13 Most Booked Spa Treatments in the US 2009 Chart 14 Spa Purchases in the US 2009 Retail sales Table 29 US: Retail Sales in Selected Sectors 2004/2009


Trends to Watch
Depressed economy will drive need for escapism Table 30 Forecast GDP Growth by Country 2010-2014 Further consolidation will occur Flexibility will be key DIY beauty Safety concerns will continue to plague tanning salons However, growth opportunities exist Demographic changes to favour beauty industry Growth of men-only concepts Room for growth in spas Chart 15 Forecast Global Spa Revenues 2009-2014 Professional products to benefit over longer term Potential in emerging markets
Future bright for skin care Natural products will prevail Combining convenience with efficacy Salon hair care to face further threat from diverted brands Mixed future for self-tanning A future in pills? Appliances to be driven by new product development Table 31 Forecast Global Sales of Selected Beauty Products 2009/2014


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