Strategic Themes in Health, Beauty and Fashion: Coronavirus Update

October 2020

Worries about Coronavirus (COVID-19) and economic downturn have forced consumers to re-evaluate their life priorities and habits. With that the narrative in health, beauty and fashion has also changed to reflect newly emerged consumer priorities and spending patterns. Brands will have to continue projecting value and purpose, while digitalisation strategies, immunity-boosting messaging, wellness movement and at-home leisure will emerge as pivotal to offset depressed demand.

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Key Findings

COVID-19 has transformed the economic and consumer landscape. It has changed the way we as consumers live, work and shop. Uncertainty remains high. However, what is clear is that economies will not emerge unscathed and the daily routines and lifestyles of consumers will shift to accommodate continued social distancing while treatment and vaccine options are investigated, and potentially into the longer term a new normal as fears of further pandemics or other destructive events remain palpable.

Pre-COVID-19 motifs in health, beauty and fashion
Pre-COVID-19 motifs interpreted in health and beauty
Pre-COVID-19 motifs interpreted in luxury and fashion
P re-COVID-19 motifs and strategic themes in consumer health
Wellness: supplements were moving towards more natural positioning
Digital: RB’s personalised approach with Neuriva supplement and app
Personalisation : vitamins promote time saving and self-care management
P re-COVID-19 motifs and strategic themes in beauty and personal care
Sustainable/Ethical: paying back environmental debt
Digital: consumers get under the skin in the quest for self-optimisation
Detoxifying masculinity: departure from gendered marketing
P re-COVID-19 motifs and strategic themes in luxury goods
Sustainable /Ethical: the Brando sets the standard in renewable energy
Digital: De Beers introduces its own blockchain platform
Experience of ownership: the evolution of luxury car sharing
P re-COVID-19 motifs and strategic themes in fashion
Sustainable/Ethical: Allbirds’s footwear made from sustainable materials
Wellness: global companies eye the world’s largest sportswear markets
Digital: Wacoal introduces 3D body scanner to measure shoppers’ body sizes
Impact of COVID-19 on health, beauty and fashion businesses globally
COVID-19 has heavily disrupted health, beauty and fashion
COVID-19 expected short-term impact on health, beauty and fashion
COVID-19 impact on risk management in health, beauty and fashion
COVID-19 impact on consumer shopping and spending behaviour
Health, beauty and fashion narrative through COVID-19 lens
Three key focus areas for health, beauty and fashion in COVID-19 era
Digital: Storefront bets on VR to recreate the high street feeling
Wellness: de-stressing benefits and mental wellness content
Price and value for money: Chinese consumers are in no mood to spend
Rethinking sustainability and personalisation narrative in 2020 and beyond
Sustainable/Ethical: LVMH first to step up in fight against COVID-19
Personalisation : digital can supplement no-contact experiences
COVID-19-induced shift of narrative in health, beauty and fashion

Beauty and Personal Care

This is the aggregation of baby and child-specific products, bath & shower, deodorants, hair care, colour cosmetics, men's grooming, oral hygiene, fragrances, skin care, depilatories and sun care. Black market sales and travel retail are excluded.

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