Striving for Wellbeing in Drinks and Tobacco: Personal Health Technology and Beverages

January 2022

Data from personal health technology – wearables, smart fitness machines and apps - is being used to change and improve consumer nutrition and consumption routines. Health tech will have an outsized impact on the beverage industry, as the physiological impact of key ingredients like alcohol, sugar and caffeine can be evaluated by consumers. The impact of functional beverages like energy and sports drinks can be tracked, scored and better understood, with implications for drinks brands.

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Key Findings

What is this briefing about?

This report explores the growing intersection between connected personal health technology, consumer wellness routines, nutrition and product innovation in consumer packaged goods – particularly as it pertains to beverage brands.

Consumer wearable health technology, smart fitness devices and mobile health applications continue to become both more advanced (with more measurable data available on personal features of fitness and nutrition) and more affordable across developed markets.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers understandably remain more engaged with their health and nutrition. While adoption rates of personal health technology (particularly activity wearables) have been mixed over the past decade, new and better technology for capturing personal health data will stimulate interest in the segment, along with cross-platform, mobile health monitoring applications.

Wider adoption of personal health technology has wide-ranging implications, specifically for beverage innovation, including:

Even moderate increases in consumer adoption of smart fitness, wearables and health tracking applications can have a significant impact on the beverages industry. Refreshment and indulgence brands must be conscious of how their products and ingredients impact current and future measures of personal consumer health data, while explicitly functional and “health and wellness” beverage brands (energy drinks, sports drinks, protein drinks) must plan for how their products will be integrated into these connected health platforms.



Striving for wellbeing: Powering change through technology

What is this briefing about?
What do we mean by “striving for wellbeing”?
Striving for wellbeing: powering change through technology and synth
The consumer’s health and wellbeing is increasingly mediated by personal health technology

The growing role of personal health technology and data in health and nutrition

The growing role of personal health technology and data in health and nutrition
What are the beverage preferences of personal health technology users?
State of wearable tech in 2021: re-establishing momentum after the pandemic
Increase in personal exercise drives demand for wireless headphones
Health monitoring is at the forefront of innovation in wearable and smart home technology
Moodbeam: wearable technology to record mental wellbeing as well as physical
Using health technology to “biohack” need states and beverage routines
Integrating PHT and monitoring into your food and beverage routine
Food, beverages and supplements will discover how they appear to consumers as data

“Does this actually do anything?” How personal health technology can impact beverage innovation

Personal health technology will change functionality in the beverages industry
How we might record the impact of functional ingredients across need states
Home fitness brands and influencers are already involved in functional beverages
Monitoring and moderating caffeine intake through health technology
Case study: Oura ring
Case study: Ember smart mugs
PHT offers consumers the ability to improve hydration and measure early symptoms of illness
Case Study: Gx Sweat Patch
Case Study: Sixty Hydration Tracker
Case Study: H2O Pal
Using health technology to achieve alcohol reduction ambitions
Case Study: BACtrack Skyn
Non-invasive blood glucose monitoring could be a game-changer for beverages
Case Study: Levels glucose monitor
Case Study: Rockley Photonics
Functional beverage brands must find their role as wellness is mediated through PHT

Soft Drinks

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