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Sub-Saharan Africa How to Maximise Tourism Potential

July 2014

Sub-Saharan African tourism has grown by an average of 4.3% per year since 2008, outpacing the global average of 3.2%, this growth is expected to continue reaching over 45 million arrivals by 2018. Increased FDI, new trade partnerships, access to international capital and rise of the middle classes will help the continent live up to its tourism potential. However, governments and stakeholders need to develop the right strategies and regulations to maximise the benefits of tourism.

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Sub-Saharan Africa's Thriving tourism industry

Huge opportunities for tourism development exist in sub-Saharan Africa, with international arrivals expected to reach over 45 million visitors by 2018, this will be driven by strong economic growth and increased flight capacity.

Addressing challenges to maximize tourism potential

To fully benefit from the region´s tourism potential governments and stakeholders should work together to address issues such as infrastructure, security and sustainability by integrating the right policies and regulations

BRICS boost international arrivals

As a result of increasing trading links and airline expansion, emerging source markets are expected to be the key drivers of international arrivals over the next five years, with China and Brazil experiencing the fastest growth.

Domestic tourism strategies key for growth

With the emergence of a new middle class of African consumers, Sub-Saharan African countries should be developing the right strategies to reap the benefits of the huge potential that domestic tourism can offer.

International hotel expansion

International hotel chains are taking advantage of and undeserved market full of opportunities. In January 2014 Marriott International acquired South African chain Protea Hospitality Group making it the largest hotel chain in Africa.

Low cost airlines taking off

Despite tight regulations and a lack of secondary airport, Sub-Saharan African is seeing the emergence of a low-cost sector with the recent entry of a number of new low cost airlines.

African airspace new battleground for foreign carriers

Middle Eastern carriers are gaining ground and positioning themselves as major international hubs to the region. Strong protectionism, high taxation, old infrastructure and poor regulation are hindering Africa´s share of the market.

What this report includes

  • Top-level strategic analysis of how major consumer trends will influence global markets
  • Consumer insight
  • Impact across all relevant consumer markets
  • Unique graphics and case studies
  • Key market snapshots
  • Accompanying presentation to synthesise main findings

Why buy this report

  • Identify factors driving change now and in the future
  • Understand motivation
  • Forward-looking outlook
  • Briefings and presentation should provoke lively discussion at senior level
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Key findings

Market Background

Solid economic growth for Sub-Saharan Africa
Sub-Saharan Africa´s middle class boost but inequality high

Obstacles and Opportunities

How to maximise potential t ourism challenges and solutions
Unveiling the tourism potential that integration holds
Safety is a priority

Obstacles and Opportunities

Case study: Green Gabon
Raising a country´s profile through sustainability
Achieving sustainable tourism
Security and crime
Case study: Kenya´s fight over terrorrism
Enhancing strategies through action
Will Kenya´s tourism bounce back?

Tourism Performance and Potential

Sub-Saharan Africa ahead of global economic growth
Embracing the rise of emerging source markets
BRICS really matter
Why China means business
Emerging middle c lass to unlock d omestic t ourism p otential
Adopting the right strategies key to boosting domestic tourism

Hotel Outlook

New focus on international hotel expansion
Growth in luxury supply
Gaps in African markets offer great opportunities

Air Travel Outlook

Air overview
Gulf airlines becoming hubs for Africa
Expansion of LCCs
Open skies is the way forward
African Airlines t urning challenges into opportunities


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