Supply Chain Dynamics

Access maps and analysis across supply chains from supplier to end customer across the entire universe of trade, retail and institutional channels. We help clients understand customer  needs and best practices, measure sales by channel and develop channel strategies.

How Supply Chain Dynamics can help

Evaluate all channels

Build a clear picture of all channel metrics that include sales, concentration, mark-ups and other operational metrics to adapt distribution strategy and priorities.

Channel-specific strategies

Understand who are your buyers, what, where, how and why and develop recommended approaches to improve existing channel performance.

Increase customer satisfaction

Uncover unmet customer needs and wants of channel partners and customers to tailor your value proposition and explore the potential for new or enhanced products
​and services.

Supports many functions

Euromonitor Consulting can help your company with unique challenges, anticipate change, inform the strategic planning process and reach annual targets.


We support sales teams by identifying potential new targets, key accounts with the best potential for your product and shaping strategies for expansion into new markets.

Business Development

We support the evaluation of new initiatives and commercial due diligence with insights from trade interviews across the supply chain. Leverage this information to determine the terms and conditions, pricing, promotion frequency per channel, sales flows and other operational metrics.


We help clients adapt strategy and priorities to changing patterns of distribution through customer segmentation analysis, evaluation of sales data and channel performance metrics across B2B and B2C channels.

Category Management

Improve awareness of how underlying characteristics of sales and distribution channels are changing in your category and identify and focus on the highest priority customer segments.