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Sustainable Living Megatrend: Whitespace Opportunities

November 2021

Consumers are increasingly embracing sustainable lifestyles, and businesses are responding by launching products with a range of sustainability attributes. Demand for these products varies by country, and so do opportunities, with companies looking at how to prioritise markets and claims. This report helps businesses to identify white space opportunities to innovate in their product portfolios, make decisions about claims prioritisation and tailor communication strategies.

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Key Findings

Market for sustainable products is no longer just a niche

Five European countries (France, Denmark, Sweden, Spain and Italy), along with Canada, Australia, Malaysia, China and Vietnam, are key markets to have on the radar. In these countries, the Sustainable Living megatrend is expected to gain traction among consumers, who are increasing their spending on sustainable products.

“Say to do” gap in sustainable consumerism is a barrier for businesses

Consumers are more concerned about sustainability and increasingly willing to act, but this willingness does not necessarily always translate into purchases, due to lack of availability, affordability, convenience or performance of sustainable products, conflicting priorities, or scepticism about some product claims or the factors that make a product sustainable.

Organic labels driving sustainable purchases in Europe and North America

Organic-labelled products are widely seen in supermarkets in North America and Europe, which account for most of the world’s organic consumption. In the EU, The Farm to Fork strategy aims to increase organic farmland to 25% by 2030, positively impacting demand with information campaigns and lower prices due to increased competition.

Meat substitutes gaining traction in China

China accounts for 63% of the global market share for meat substitutes – a share well above its contribution to the global market for meat products, such as pork and beef. The plant-based trend is very much on the radar of international companies, with global players not only launching plant-based products but also opening plant-based production sites in China.

Products with ethical labels increasingly popular in Latin America

Businesses in Latin America are starting to respond to consumers’ environmental concerns, launching sustainable products. While sustainability is gaining ground among the top attributes to pay more for, it should not be used merely to target upper-income segments or as a niche positioning.

Key findings
Sustainable Living Megatrend
Sustainable Living is a megatrend to watch
Nordic markets spend more on sustainable products
Sustainable Living to witness strong growth in developed markets…
…But growing at slower pace in emerging and developing markets
European consumers ahead of Americans in sustainable consumption
Eastern European companies lag in investments in sustainable products
What is driving the Sustainable Living trend in Europe and North America?
Sustainable Living in action: Organic products in Western Europe
Sustainable Living in action: Organic products in North America
Eastern European countries putting the brakes on Sustainable Living
Strong presence of organic products in Denmark, France and Germany
South East Asian consumers fuelling regional demand for sustainable products
Investment in sustainable products not a top priority in Australasia
What is driving the Sustainable Living trend in Asia Pacific and Australasia?
Sustainable Living in action: Meat substitutes in Asia Pacific
Sustainable Living in Australia, Vietnam and China to grow faster post-COVID-19
Australia: Dairy products driving demand for sustainable claims in packaged food
Brazilian consumers more willing to buy sustainable products
Latin American companies investing in sustainable products
Latin America is the only region where companies put social wellbeing first
What is driving the trend in Latin America?
Sustainable Living in action in Latin America
Making sustainable packaging affordable through refill and reuse
Deceleration in sustainable living across all markets in Latin America
Argentina has the lowest availability of sustainable packaged food products in the region
Key takeaways in Europe and North America
Key takeaways in Asia Pacific
Key takeaways in Latin America


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