SUVs and MPVs: Global Overview by Region

January 2018

The combined SUV and MPV category continues to dominate the retail automotive landscape, though in most markets there is a split between the popularity of SUVs and waning demand for MPVs. Future growth will be concentrated in Asia Pacific, where China leads in size and growth. China remains one of the few markets where demand for MPVs is growing, due to the repeal of the 1-child policy and a historical affinity for full-size MPVs as status symbols.

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SUVs lead category-levelgrowth globally

Among all light vehicle segments, SUVs have exhibited the strongest year-on yeargrowth over 2011-2016. This growth is expected to continue to 2021, asmore automakers add SUVs to their model ranges to meet rising demand.

MPVs are losing share toSUVs, as an abundance ofcrossovers enter the market

MPVs – a category traditionally comprising minivans or other van-likepassenger vehicles – have lost share. Consumers who once opted forminivans due to their handling characteristics and interior space are insteadmoving to crossover SUVs such as the Toyota Highlander or Lexus RX. Onenotable exception is China, where the end of the 1-child policy has spurredMPV demand. Minivans have traditionally been associated with wealth andsuccess in China, a markedly different perception than in the West.

Eastern Europe the onlySUV market to shrink over2011-2016, but future looksbrighter

Over 2011-2016 every region saw gains in its overall SUV sales except forEastern Europe, which was dampened by an economic downturn in Russia.Some signs of market stability have returned to the region, and in 2016 Ford,which kept its Russia plant open, saw sales increase for the first time in threeyears.

Future growth to beconcentrated in Asia Pacific

As SUV demand continues to grow in China, a number of new domesticbrands are entering the market. Asia Pacific is expected to maintain 5% annualgrowth over the period to 2021, fuelled largely by China.

Most markets expected togrow, but a few outliers

At a regional level, a stable global economy is expected to lead to modestgains in every combined SUV/MPV market over the period to 2021. However,a weak economy in Taiwan and geopolitical instability in Turkey risk pushingthose countries into negative growth.


Category definitions and example models
Key findings

Regional Overview

Putting SUVs and MPVs in context: Asia Pacific leads in absolute growth
Putting SUVs and MPVs in context: divergent outlook for SUVs vs. MPVs
Asia Pacific and North America remain m arket h eavyweights
Asia Pacific: despite a GDP slowdown, China to remain a leader
MPVs/SUVs in Asia Pacific: historical performance
Eastern Europe: instability in Russia to keep growth near zero
MPVs/SUVs in Eastern Europe: historical performance
Western Europe: return to positive g rowth to continue through to 2021
MPVs/SUVs in Western Europe: historical performance
Latin America: gains led by Mexico
MPVs/SUVs in Latin America: historical performance
North America: modest growth e xpected to continue through 2021
MPVs/SUVs in North America: historical performance
Australasia: SUVs become the best-selling s egment
MPVs/SUVs in Australasia: historical performance

Leading Companies and Brands

Leading companies: mixed automaker outlook varies by region
Company fragmentation in Asia Pacific
Top 10 SUV/MPV companies in Asia Pacific
Company fragmentation in Eastern Europe
Top 10 SUV/MPV companies in Eastern Europe
Company fragmentation in Western Europe
Top 10 SUV/MPV companies in Western Europe
Company fragmentation in Latin America
Top 10 SUV/MPV companies in Latin America
Company fragmentation in North America
Top 10 SUV/MPV companies in North America
Company fragmentation in Australasia


China to remain dominant, but SUVs are becoming key worldwide
Asia Pacific: forecast projections
Eastern Europe: forecast projections
Western Europe: forecast projections
Latin America: forecast projections
North America: forecast projections
Australasia: forecast projections


Key takeaways


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