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Sep 2011

Taisho remains a leading consumer health producer, but it continues to rely almost exclusively on the Japanese market. Recent moves to diversify outside of Japan include the 2009 acquisition of some Bristol-Myers Squibb analgesics brands in Asia Pacific, as well as the 2011 acquisition of Hoe Pharmaceuticals based in Malaysia. Although these acquisitions represent a move in the right direct, further action is needed to diversify its geographic reach.

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Taisho Pharmaceutical Co Ltd in Consumer Health

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Strategic Evaluation

Taisho: Japanese Focus
Financial analysis: Fiscal 2010
Taisho 2011 forecasts
SWOT: Taisho Pharmaceutical Co Ltd
Strategic objectives and challenges

Competitive Positioning

Reliance on Japan holds back Taisho
Japanese fortunes influence Taisho’s performance
Johnson & Johnson leads pack despite recalls

Market Assessment

Taisho: strong presence in tonics and bottled nutritive drinks
Asia Pacific still offers strongest opportunities for Taisho

Geographic and Category Opportunities

Leverage Hoe acquisition to bring Taisho brands to Malaysia
Indonesia: Cross-border opportunities in consumer health
Lipovitan vulnerable to declines in Japanese market
Develop Lipovitan beauty tonic and bottled nutritive drink
Pan-Asia Pacific expansion should be Taisho’s priority
Consider expansion into medicated confectionery and generics
Consider expansion in analgesics through acquisition
Poor outlook in Japan analgesics
Hoe: A new armoury of tools for Taisho in medicated skin care
Taisho well positioned in hair loss treatments
Opportunities in medicated skin care

Brand Strategy

International expansion for Lipovitan crucial
Pabron: Potential for growth


Distribution strategy and manufacturing facilities


International expansion should remain the priority