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The Contemporary Landscape for Dishwashers and Detergents

June 2014

Although both dishwashers and automatic dishwashing remain very limited to the most developed markets of North America and Western Europe, there is evidence that these categories are showing some signs of spreading their wings and moving into new territories – namely developing markets. While the Turkish market suggests ADW can flourish even in developing markets the future success of the category perhaps rests on the ability of appliance and detergent manufacturers to act in unison rather than

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Built-in dishwashers’ popularity will continue

Though still perceived as a luxury item in many countries, built-in dishwashers are more popular as they provide the fitted kitchen with a premium image. In addition, as kitchen size is often limited, consumers prefer dishwashers to be integrated, rather than a freestanding appliance.

BRICs to lead growth over forecast period

With low penetration rates and rising disposable incomes, the BRICs are forecast double digit CAGRs over 2013-2018. Fast paced lifestyles will heighten demand growth, along with active marketing pushes on the part of manufacturers.

Competition brings more variety

Whirlpool, Bosch, and Electrolux have dominated the global dishwashers market for a long time. However, competition is heating up with Arçelik, LG and Haier entering with affordable prices, product localisation and technological developments. Oligopoly is changing.

ADW and developing markets

While the rest of home care is booming on the back of rapid progress in developing markets, automatic dishwashing (ADW) products have not, similarly to air care, which is another category which has failed to demonstrate its applicability to consumers on restricted budgets.

Penned into developed markets

ADW sales have remained restricted to Western Europe and North America, which is a mixed blessing. Manufacturers have been starved of the low hanging fruit offered by fast developing emerging markets. That said with per machine expenditure low in North America there could be an opportunity to make more of markets which are already familiar with machine dishwashing.

Turkey a model

With penetration in developing markets making very slow progress, Turkey, with its relatively high possession rate and modern ADW detergent category, is a shining example of what developing markets could offer to ADW, but the question remains how to replicate these conditions in other markets.

What this report includes

  • Top-level strategic analysis of how major consumer trends will influence global markets
  • Consumer insight
  • Impact across all relevant consumer markets
  • Unique graphics and case studies
  • Key market snapshots
  • Accompanying presentation to synthesise main findings

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  • Identify factors driving change now and in the future
  • Understand motivation
  • Forward-looking outlook
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Dishwashers and dishwashing
Key findings
Built-in dishwashers are more popular globally
Status of automatic dishwashing


Sales stagnant
ADW strongly biased towards developed countries
Western Europe spends the most on dishwashers

Understanding Consumers

Household appliances vs consumables
Washing machines drive laundry care sales
Low dishwasher possession rates hinder automatic dishwashing
What do consumers want from a dishwasher?
Factor 1: Price plays different role by region
Factor 2: Who washes and what to wash matters
Factor 3: New family formats desire convenience
Factor 4: Different dishwashers formats preference exists
Factor 5: Consumer approach to dishwashing
Factor 6: Hygiene focus under-stated
Factor 7: Convenience and wash load
Dishwasher distribution: Rapid growth of internet sales
Dishwashing distribution: ADW detergents distribution
Case study: Joint promotion of dishwashers and detergent
Marketing collaboration has great potential
International players at the forefront of collaboration

Competitive Landscape

European and US dishwasher manufacturers dominate
Manufacturers seek to expand footprint within dishwashers
Forward strategies for growing the global dishwashers market
Case study: Haier adds power with Fisher & Paykel
Haier expects advanced technology from F&P
ADW detergent category highly consolidated
ADW detergents: Second tier players
Finish line: Key global ADW detergent brands
Private label grows
Private label jumps the technology barrier into tablets
Case study: The detergent competitive landscape
Fairy’s ADW detergent challenge in Western Europe

Regional Highlights

Regional overview of dishwashers’ market performance
Regional overview of automatic dishwashing market performance

Regional highlights

Latin America overview
Latin America: Significant opportunities for further penetration
Rising market 1: Lifestyle changes affect Brazil
Rising market 1: Brazil – machines vs maids
Dishwashers: Leading manufacturers in Brazil
Automatic dishwashing: Leading manufacturers in Brazil
Western Europe overview
Western Europe: Saturated, but opportunities still exist
Rising market 2: Turkey sees steady rise in share for built-in
Rising market 2: ADW on a budget
Dishwashers: Leading manufacturers in Turkey
Automatic dishwashing: Leading manufacturers in Turkey
Asia Pacific overview
Asia Pacific: Coexistence of mature and emerging economies
Rising market 3: China’s dishwasher sales grow with income levels
Rising market 3: Window of opportunity
Dishwashers: Leading manufacturers in China
Automatic dishwashing: Leading manufacturers in China
Eastern Europe overview
Eastern Europe: Future growth is promising
Rising market 4: Russia’s new housing with dishwashers
Rising market 4: Russians’ detergent preferences changing
Dishwashers: Leading manufacturers in Russia
Automatic dishwashing: Leading manufacturers in Russia

Future Prospects

What dishwasher manufacturers should look out for
Consumers are looking forward to replace dishwashers

Future prospects

What automatic dishwashing manufacturers should look out for

Report Definitions

Dishwashers definitions
ADW definitions


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