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The Coronavirus Era: “Hometainment” and the New Experiential Consumer

June 2020

While Coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown restrictions are easing in many markets, many activities, from concerts to bars to cosmetics counters, are likely to remain off-limits for months to come. This is driving a vast shift in spending, creating new opportunities for brands able to reach consumers spending more time than ever at home.

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Key Findings

COVID-19 transforms the consumer landscape

The global economy is forecast to enter its worst recession since the 1930s, hitting every sector from hospitality to education and finance. However, the massive changes brought about by the pandemic are also making consumers re-evaluate their life priorities, giving rise to new values and spending criteria.

A world without crowds

While lockdown restrictions are easing in many markets, a vast number of activities, from concerts to bars to cosmetics counters in department stores, are likely to remain off-limits for months (or years) to come. This is driving a vast shift in spending, creating new opportunities for brands able to reach consumers spending more time than ever at home.

Better living through devices

Small appliances are having their moment, with sales of breadmakers, air fryers and other conveniences soaring as consumers look to upgrade their home-cooking routines. However, the power of devices goes well beyond cooking, with beauty companies, drinks brands and others all looking to use countertop machines to drive customisation, discovery and data acquisition.

The age of virtual moments is here

Although video games have long been social, online gaming worlds are becoming accessible to non-gamers, serving as sites for concerts and branding activity. Likewise, as high-end physical retail locations face an uncertain future in the short term, VR and AR solutions can help to drive service and connections in beauty, luxury and fashion, closely connected with online streaming events.

Solving the pleasure deficit

An unprecedented epidemic has forced consumers into their homes, reduced their spending, and driven a certain moralism around safety and stocking up. Socialising and indulgence, however, are basic human needs, impervious to lockdown orders, creating vast opportunities for companies able to bring real indulgence and connection into the home.


Key findings
The global economy will contract sharply in 2020
The impact of COVID-19 on market sizes
Our themes
Hometainment and the new experiential consumer

Economies and Consumers

COVID-19 has transformed the economic and consumer landscape
How macro trends are driving Hometainment
Housebound consumers look to technology for recreation
Americans recreating experiences in the cocoons of their homes
Digitalisation is not an option but a necessity for Indonesian businesses
Key learnings for Economies and Consumers

Health, Beauty and Fashion

COVID-19 has heavily disrupted Health, Beauty and Fashion
Hometainment: Luxury services, experiences look to the home
The push to improve at-home experiences will continue post COVID-19
L’Or éal reshuffles production, with devices driving future sales
Burberry's innovative technology improves the at-home shopping experience
Key learnings for Health, Beauty, and Fashion

Drinks and Tobacco

Drinks and Tobacco: On-trade and impulse channels hard hit by COVID-19
Hometainment: Drinks companies seek new avenues for discovery
The rise of automation, hyperlocal offerings and homebrewing
Bartesian: Rise of the robots?
Behind This Wall: Micro solutions to big problems
Key learnings for Drinks and Tobacco

Food and Nutrition

COVID-19 has transformed the Food and Nutrition industry
Hometainment: Consumers solving ever-more home-eating occasions
Consumers look for healthy, packaged food experiences at home
Magnum engages consumers with experiential food shopping at home
Ready-to-cook chicken perfect experience food for work/life balance
Key learnings for Food and Nutrition

Home and Technology

COVID-19 has impacted Home and Tech
Hometainment: Lockdowns drive a spending boom
Homes as theatres, stadiums, restaurants and all-day play areas
Epic Games creating entertainment and socialising opportunities
Miele’s Barista Assistant aims to bring coffee shop customisation home
Key learnings for Home and Tech

Services and Payments

COVID-19 has heavily impacted Services and Payments
Hometainment: Bringing services to a world in isolation
Services must adapt to remain relevant in the home
Airbnb: Online experiences go virtual
Nike: At-home fitness challenges drive connection and spending
Key learnings for Service and Payments


Planning for a world without crowds
Impact of Hometainment on consumer markets
What should business focus on?


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