The Green (and Variegated) Consumer

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Mar 2008

This global report highlights corporate response to greening and profiles the green, brown and variegated consumer. The green movement has infiltrated all aspects of consumers' lives, from the desire to conserve energy/reduce fuel bills, to how they eat and drink, what they wear, how they travel. Rising disposable incomes enabled consumers to become choosier, often paying a premium for eco-friendly products and services. But current economic uncertainty may impact the market in the short term.

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The Green (and Variegated) Consumer

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  • Top-level strategic analysis of how major consumer trends will influence global markets
  • Consumer insight
  • Impact across all relevant consumer markets
  • Unique graphics and case studies
  • Key market snapshots
  • Accompanying presentation to synthesise main findings

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  • Identify factors driving change now and in the future
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The Green (and Variegated) Consumer


Market Drivers
Chart 1 Factors Affecting Green Demand 2007
Green Consumer Characteristics
Developments in Consumer Markets
Chart 2 Global Sales of Leading Organic Packaged Food and Drinks Sectors 2007
Retailing Trends
Summary 1 The Future of Green Consumerism: Opportunities and Threats


What makes a product green?
Resurgence of interest in the noughties


The Energy Debate
Climate change
Carbon emissions
Eco-friendly vehicles
Car sharing
Renewable energy
Chart 3 Output of Biofuels in Key Markets 2007
Eco homes
Food Supply Issues
Global water supply
Need to preserve biodiversity
The GM foods debate
Food miles
Animal Welfare Issues
Factory farming
Chart 4 Vegetarians as % of Population by Country 2005
Waste Disposal Issues
More people, faster lifestyles equals more pollution
The nappy debate
Recycling provides partial solution
Fast food companies are major culprits
Plastic bags


Economic Factors
The state of the global economy
Disposable income
Table 1 Average Annual Disposable Incomes by Country 2002-2007
Government Initiatives
Kyoto Protocol
Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate
EU Climate Change Plan
Progress in France
Sponsorship of environmental labelling systems
EU energy labelling regulations
Energy-saving light bulbs
Packaging and waste legislation
Organic food legislation
NGO Initiatives
The power of persuasion
Action in China
Friends of the Earth
Company Initiatives
Corporate Social Responsibility
Greening or greenwashing?
Carbon footprinting labelling
Buying into the Green Movement
Expanding the green offer
Summary 2 Selected Organic Food and Beverages Specialists 2007
Carbon offsetting schemes
Green finance
Influence of the Media
Celebrities wield their influence
The power of the Internet


The Global Picture
Northern European consumers are the greenest
Chinese consumers show concern for climate change
Trends in Developed Markets
Green consumer characteristics
Summary 3 Profile of Green Consumers 2008
Green Consumer Profile: US
Chart 5 Types of Consumer in the US 2007
Green Consumer Profile: UK
Table 2 Ethical Consumerism in the UK 2005-2006
Trends in Emerging Markets


Organic Food and Drink
Sales concentrated in the developed markets
Segmentation and premiumisation drive growth
Sales soar in all sectors
Organic ready meals address multiple concerns
Organic snack bars perceived as healthy indulgence
Indian coffee beans all the rage
Chart 6 Organic Packaged Foods as a % Total Packaged Foods 2007
Table 3 Sales and Growth of Organic Packaged Foods by Sector 2002/2007
Sales by country
Table 4 Sales and Growth of Organic Packaged Foods in Major Markets 2002-2007
Cosmetics and Toiletries
Chemicals backlash boosts organic beauty market
L'Oréal launches first mass market green anti-ager
Surveys point to strong growth in US market
Disposable Paper Products
Eco-friendly nappies restricted to niche players
Green wipes on the way
Household Care Products
Consumers spurn chemicals
New product development focuses on water-, oxygen- and plant-based ingredients
Green cleaning products finally catch on
Multinationals adopt greener positioning
Retailers not to be outdone
Clothing trends
Summary 4 Selected Eco-Labels 2007
Footwear trends
Household Appliances
Domestic electrical appliances trends
Consumer electronics trends
Summary 5 Greenpeace Ranking of Electronic Companies by Environmental Performance- November 2007
Packaging Trends
Tetra Pak aims for recyclability
Packaging giants go biodegradable
Reckitt Benckiser revamps consumer packaging
Retailers play their part
Green Tourism Trends
Green travel
Consumer Foodservice
Starbucks initiates Fairtrade coffee trend
McDonald's becomes more eco-friendly
Boycotting bottled water


Local Sourcing
Consolidation gives multiples more power
UK supermarkets take action
Plastic Bag Policies
Banning plastic bags
Recycling schemes
The carrot approach
Charging for bags
Growth of Specialist Chains
Farmers' Markets
Strong growth in US and UK
Expanding the Green Offer
Mass adoption of organic and Fairtrade


Trends to Watch
Green is here to stay
Economy may affect green demand in short term
Governments to enforce change
Companies will want to appear green
Products must have it all
Retailers to demand changes upstream
Carbon labelling will become standard
Organic food miles will remain thorny issue
Hybrid cars, biofuels and eco-tourism – the future of travel
Foodservice operators to adopt eco-measures
Technological breakthroughs may lead to greener DPP
Organic Food Forecasts
Organic consumer base to expand
Organic versus hormone-free milk
Convenience and health prove winning combination
Wal-Mart sets the trend for US growth
Spain to witness strongest growth
Emerging markets hold vast growth potential
Table 5 Forecast Sales of Organic Packaged Foods by Country 2007-2012