The Impact of Coronavirus on Megatrend Drivers

October 2021

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has disrupted economies and consumers globally. The crisis will have long-lasting implications on important socio-economic factors that influence consumer priorities and behaviour. This report explores the impact of COVID-19 on the 5 drivers of megatrends, the long-term consumer-driven trends that disrupt business and shapes future innovation.

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Key Findings

The drivers shaping consumer behaviour

There are five socioeconomic drivers generating and shaping consumer megatrends. These long-term shifts explain the ongoing changes we see in consumer behaviour.

Shifting Economic Power: Emerging market economies have seen strong growth at a time when growth in advanced economies has faced headwinds.

Population Change: Trends such as urbanisation, migration and ageing are combining to reshape consumer lifestyles and purchasing decisions.

Environmental Shifts and Pressures: Competition for resources and increasing awareness of environmental challenges are having a transformative effect on consumer behaviour – sometimes at a rapid pace.

Technology plays a pivotal role in consumer decision-making and the ability of businesses to meet the needs of today's consumer. It has created upheavals in consumer expectations, lowered the barriers of entry and inspired new business models.

Changing Values: Hyper-connectivity is giving individuals access to more information than ever before, educating them on evolving social, cultural and political landscapes, and shifting important values and priorities.


The drivers shaping consumer behaviour
Shifting Economic Power
Uneven recovery and supply chain transformation are shaping the global economy
Shifting Economic Power in action
Implications for Megatrends: Shifting Economic Power
Population Change
Short-term disruptions to migration and urbanisation
Long-term impacts on vital statistics and health trends
Population Change in action
Implications for Megatrends: Population Change
Environmental Shifts and Pressures
Green activism is driving environmental action
Environmental shifts and pressures in action
Implications for Megatrends: Environmental Shifts and Pressures
Crisis drives greater tech investment and exploration of new business models
Technology in action
Implications for Megatrends: Technology
Changing Values
The desire to be and do better is changing consumer values
Changing Values in action
Implications for Megatrends: Changing Values
COVID-19 impact at a glance
What it means for business


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