The Ins and Outs of Global Pet Care

November 2013

Pet care in 2013 shows a world at different paces: developed and emerging markets grow at different paces and entail different opportunities. Retail prospects remain strong, as urbanisation continues, disposable incomes rise, and more consumers turn to pets for companionship. Overall, dog and cat food still account for the majority of sales but increasing indulgence by pet parents leads to cat and dog treats posting the highest growth.

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Pet care posts good growth in 2013

Overall, pet care is expected to achieve a good performance with a 2% increase in real terms in 2013. This was a slight acceleration on the previous year, with much of the increase due to emerging markets.

Challenging times mean growth is more difficult to come by

Growth in regions such as Western Europe and North America has been harder to find, as a poor economic performance has undermined consumer confidence, and consumers are looking for better value for money.

Humanisation still on the rise

The humanisation trend has been a key driver for pet care. Its importance can be seen in the way consumers in emerging markets increasingly treat their pets as a member of the family. This is manifest in dog and cat treats – the categories which posted the highest growth in 2013.

Premiumisation also still having an impact

Premiumisation has been key to driving growth, and has resulted in more convenient packs and the use of functional ingredients. Premium dog and cat food were the fastest growing categories after treats.

Dry food is the preferred format, especially for dogs

Dog food is the largest category in pet care. Emerging markets, such as those in Latin America, have been key to driving growth, as they have high levels of dog ownership.

Markets develop at various paces

Different characteristics have caused markets to move at different paces. For example, while dog food is more popular in Latin America, it is pet products that make Asian markets tick.

Prospects are good

Despite the still challenging economic times, pet care is forecast to see continued growth.

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Key findings

Global Perspective

A world in turmoil
Regional disparities
Global pet c are keeps good results
Emerging markets still lead growth
B est in show
Dog food still the most popular
Dog treats still the best in show
Cat population on the rise…
Treats gaining momentum as cat owners spoil their pets
Dog and cat food: Dry versus wet
“Other” p et p roducts at the forefront

Emerging Markets

Pet care r etail v alue s ales by region 2013
The different s izes and shapes of regional pet care
Best and worst performers in 2013
Dog food at different speeds
Fussy eaters drive a more stable growth
The hurdles of other pet food
Regional variation in pet products

Category Analysis

Dog and cat food: Beyond the BRICs
Brazil: Overtaking the UK
Brazil: Good prospects ahead
Mexican dog and cat food feature in the top 10
China: second largest market in Asia Pacific
Russia still Eastern European leader
Mid price overtakes economy in Russian cat food
Poland offers good prospects


Global changes and challenges for the coming years
Challenges and opportunities: Obesity
Challenges and opportunities: The new age of private label?
Challenges and opportunities: Greater consumer awareness
Good prospects for global pet care
Regional diversity
Price platform variations

Report Definitions

Product category definitions


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