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The New Connected Consumer Code: Unlocking Digital Commerce Opportunities

July 2016

Technological advances are forever altering the way that consumers all around the world browse and buy all types of products and services. Learn how this increased connectivity is underpinning a commerce revolution and discover new markets to explore based on the consumers and industries propelling this digital storyline forward in each respective market.

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The number of internet users has doubled to reach 3.2 billion globally in 2016

The world is more connected than ever before. An estimated 43.9% of the population uses the internet as of 2016. This rapid uptake of digital services has underpinned generational shifts in how consumers browse and buy all types of products and services.

Mobile devices are increasingly becoming the commerce device of choice

While the computer remains the dominant device when executing commerce, the mobile phone is quickly grabbing device share. For example, Chinese consumers spent more through mobile devices for the first time in 2015. Consumers in the UK and the US are expected to cross that threshold by 2020.

Proximity as the next commerce frontier

Remote mobile payments are currently the biggest slice of the mobile purchase pie, but they have a growing complement in the form of proximity payments. For many in the commerce space, the next frontier for commerce is the proximity environment given the potential to bridge the digital and physical environments for a more enhanced commerce experience.

Digital is manifesting itself differently in traditional industries

As compared with other industries, foodservice is just gaining its digital footing. On the other hand, online bookings have been a well-established channel for many years in the travel industry. Of course, the retailing industry should not be ignored either due the industry's size and how mobile is fundamentally shaping the way consumers shop in store and on the go for goods.

Identify markets with the greatest digital promise

Markets such as China, India, the UK and the US are undoubtedly important markets to watch due to the sheer size of the consumer market and pace of digital development. However, there are also lesser-known markets such as Canada, Indonesia, Mexico, Poland and the United Arab Emirates that companies should not overlook when exploring promising digital commerce opportunities.


Scope of Digital Consumer
Key findings

Meet Today’s Digital Consumer

Consumers are more connected today than ever before
UK consumers increasingly opt for devices to execute commerce
Mobile devices have ushered in the new connected consumer

Mobile’s Rise to the Device of Choice

Mobile increasingly becoming the commerce device of choice
Chinese consumers spent more via mobile than PC for first time
US and UK consumers increasingly shifting towards mobile as well
Growing mobile-driven commerce has more room in which to grow
Mobile shopping barriers centre on the device-specific experience
Mobile is pushing payments further into the background
Mobile provides foundation for a variety of commerce platforms
Social m edia : The future of the brand and consumer relationship
Emerging market consumers engage more with social media
Asia was the first region to embrace the s-commerce concept

Proximity as the Next Commerce Frontier

Potential benefits of mobile-enabled environment are immense
Reasons that consumers do not use in-store mobile payments
User-friendly app, loyalty focus top the list of preferred features
Starbucks found immense success by pairing loyalty with payments
Brazil forecast to post fastest growth in proximity payments
The 15 markets most primed for wallets from the tech titans
Android’s open environment opens door to greater competition
Merchants fight for a place at their own checkout counters
The winning wallet will send the right message at the right time

Markets With Greatest Digital Promise

A number of factors underpin digital commerce opportunities
Half the global population will be digitally connected by 2020
Projected absolute growth in mobile internet subscriptions
Although outnumbered, developed consumers hold spending power
Millennials and Gen Z will control 47% of gross income by 2025
Heavy mobile shoppers are most likely to be Millennials
Digital is manifesting itself differently across various verticals
Foodservice online ordering universal across all market types
Retail forecast to contribute most absolute growth digitally
China expected to account for half of apparel internet retail growth
Digital expected to have greatest impact on the travel vertical
Hyperconnected travellers worldwide embrace digital channels
D igital opportunity versus ease of doing business
Five digitally promising markets and their respective opportunities

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