The New Wellbeing in Drinks and Tobacco

February 2021

The global pandemic will reshape how consumers prioritise their wellness and nutrition. A long-term change to health routines will involve balancing physical health and emotional-mental wellbeing, developing and, in some instances creating, new functional benefit territories to be addressed by drinks or new formats. From teas and tonics positioned as sleep aids to nootropic mushroom teas, cannabis drinks and vaporised caffeine, a variety of plant-based ingredients are gaining popularity.

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Key findings

Mindfulness and natural health remain front and centre

The effects of the global pandemic will accelerate a long-term progression towards reduced alcohol and tobacco consumption, and sugar reduction across the drinks and tobacco industries. The sourcing of ingredients and product safety will remain paramount for the post-pandemic consumer as nutrition, food and beverage routines are examined and rebuilt to promote wellbeing.

What is the “new wellbeing”?

The categories constituting drinks and tobacco – from carbonated drinks to cannabis – are often understood as the “sindustries” – products enjoyed primarily for indulgence and refreshment. As routines are reshaped post-pandemic, consumers will rebalance their food and beverage routines, finding new formats and ingredients for indulgence, as well as new functional occasions (digestive health, sleep, energy, immune support) satisfied through beverages. Indulgence and intoxication will remain a core mission of drinks and tobacco categories, while new ingredients, formats and doses will lead future consumers to experiment with new and potentially unfamiliar delivery formats, such as patches, pouches and shots.

Identifying the benefit territories of the future

Caffeine and energy-boosting products remain a rare area of double-digit value growth in global beverages, propelled by the rise of super-charged energy drinks, RTD and craft coffee over recent years. Digestive health beverages are now mainstream, led by kombucha and extending into prebiotic tonic, vinegar drinks and kefir. Fortified, immune support drinks and relaxation/stress-relief products utilising a variety of “super-ingredients” could represent the most exciting areas of innovation in 2021 and beyond.

Scope : The global drinks and tobacco industry in 2020
Health, wellbeing and mindfulness across drinks and tobacco
What is the appropriate role of alcohol, sugar or cannabinoids?
Mindfulness and new routines evolve during the global pandemic
How are beverages and tobacco responding to the “new wellbeing”?
Natural ingredients to deliver specific outcomes in Drinks & Tobacco
Wellbeing super-ingredient: Caffeine intake shows no signs of slowing
Immune support demand fuels smaller soft drinks formats
In Europe, smaller “shot” pack sizes are a growth driver within juice
Wellbeing super-ingredient: Zinc for immune system support
Fermentation and cultured drinks for digestive health
Neuroimmunology, gut health and the growing scope of immune support
Wellbeing super-ingredient: Adaptogens for mood management
Super-ingredients: Mushrooms as an alternative to coffee and tea?
Super-ingredients: Cannabinoids for relaxation and stress relief
Other relaxation/stress-relief ingredients in soft drinks innovation
Super-ingredients: CBD, GABA, L-theanine, 5-HTP and melatonin
A new wellbeing: Less sugar, more functional benefits
Ingredients: Suppliers re-orient sweeteners for the new wellness routine
Non-alcoholic beer and spirits: Promoting the positive
The promise of synthetic alternatives in alcohol, tobacco and hot drinks
Nicotine pouches stand to benefit from the “new normal”
A delivery mechanism for substances beyond nicotine?
Changing product formats to suit new occasions and remain in routines
Key findings

Soft Drinks

This is the aggregation of the following categories; Carbonates, Fruit/vegetable juice, Bottled water, Functional drinks, Concentrates, RTD tea, RTD coffee and Asian speciality drinks.

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