The Rise of JAB Holdings

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Mar 2018

JAB Holdings has been assembling a portfolio over the last several years that has made it into a global leader in coffee, foodservice, and beauty products. This report looks at the companies now under JAB’s control, finds patterns in JAB’s acquisition activity, and considers what the company’s eventual goals might be.

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The Rise of JAB Holdings

JAB Holdings

JAB Holdings is a Luxemburg-based holding company with billions of dollars in assets. Its corefocus areas are coffee, chained foodservice, and beauty, but it also has holdings in home care,luxury goods, and soft drinks.

Over the last several years JAB has aggressively offloaded luxury brands and acquiredcoffee and foodservice brands throughout the world, including Keurig Green Mountain,Peet’s, Espresso House, and Super Group.

Coffee and Beauty

Coty, a beauty company in which JAB holds alarge stake, has also been expanding at a rapid pace. The acquisitions are designed togive JAB a firm place in all major areas of coffee growth in the world.Its combined holdings in retail and foodservice make it one of the world’s most important coffeeplayers, matched only by Nestlé and Starbucks.

Recent acquisitions

Recent acquisitions in adjacent fields, includingfoodservice and soft drinks, are further building its capabilities in coffee. Only beauty strategyremains relatively independent of coffee, although there are similarities in how JAB approachesboth industries.

Key findings
What is JAB Holdings?
The structure of JAB
JAB has made a string of high-profile acquisitions in recent years
Acquisition activity is following a pattern
JAB tightens activity to three core areas
JDE deals with maturity in Europe as it increasingly looks elsewhere
Keurig deals with a changing pod market in North America
Keurig Dr Pepper and the push into cold coffee
Summary: JAB moves focus on to global coffee growth areas
European foodservice operations keep a tight focus on coffee
North American foodservice strategy looks beyond coffee
Luxury brands have been sold off to tighten focus
Expansion in coffee has not diminished the importance of beauty
The parallels between beauty and coffee
JAB unlikely to push much into non-coffee soft drinks
JAB activity in the years ahead

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