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The Wealth Report: How To Win The High Net Worth Market

August 2018

In spite of the small number of consumers, the high net worth market globally is highly profitable for brands and businesses. But it is not an easy market to crack, with brands that have identified HNWIs as a growth opportunity often facing a similar question of how to win over high net worth consumers. This report provides insights into key wealth markets, and strategies that help brands meet the needs of HNWIs and thereby gain and retain high net worth consumers.

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A small but highly profitable consumer segment

The high net worth consumer segment accounts for only 0.1% of the global population but commands more than a fifth of the world’s total wealth. This segment is not only an important driver of wealth generation and investment trends, but also a highly profitable consumer segment for brands and businesses.

USA is the single most important high net worth market

In 2017, the USA accounted for 57.9% of the global overall HNWI population and 55.1% of global HNWI wealth. The country’s strengthened economic and business conditions –with fiscal stimulus, deregulation and lower tax rates –will likely raise financial asset prices, with positive knock-on impact on HNWI wealth.

China will be an important driver of wealth

China’s emergence as a global economic powerhouse has made it a significant engine of HNWI growth and wealth creation. By 2022, the country is expected to rank second in terms of HNWI wealth, up from the current fourth position. Targeting the newly wealthy such as those in China is an effective strategy to help businesses targeting this segment achieve growth.

Strategies to capture high net worth consumers

As well as targeting the newly wealthy, other strategies to successfully capture the profitable high net worth market include providing seamless omnichannel ease, personalised solutions, authenticity, exclusive experiences that money can’t buy, and promoting health and wellness.


Key findings
The high net worth club
Rising number of ultra-HNWIs since 2008
Ultra-HNWI population and wealth is highly concentrated
A look beyond North America
North America also dominates the HNWI sub-segment

Key Wealth Markets

Top high net worth markets
USA: positive wealth prospects
Japan: weakest wealth growth among key markets
Germany: highly unequal distribution of wealth
China: a robust engine of wealth creation
United Kingdom: HNWI immigration is set to continue

How To Capture High Net Worth Consumers

Global luxury goods sales is posting healthy growth
Luxury cars account for over half of global luxury goods sales
Challenges in reaching high net worth consumers
Strategies to win over high net worth consumers
The newly wealthy hold the key to business growth
Behaviour of the newly wealthy
Harrods : targeting the newly wealthy
HNWIs increasingly demand seamless omnichannel ease
LVMH : offering a seamless, integrated brand experience
Healthy living is the new wealthy living
Dream Cruises : in pursuit of health and wellness
Miu Miu : made for you
Shang Xia: capturing the “authenticity” of Chinese art and culture
Many high net worth purchases are based on personal enjoyment
McLaren : indulging customers in experiences money can’t buy


The USA to remain by far the most important high net worth market
China to boast the second largest HNWI wealth…
… and to drive global luxury goods sales
Downward trend in Algeria, Argentina, Nigeria and Venezuela
Marketing to HNWIs: what do you need to know?


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