The World Beyond the Pandemic: Future Priorities and Preferences

April 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the consumer landscape - accelerating changes that were afoot prior to the pandemic while also causing disruptions. With technology and consumer behaviour changing rapidly, companies are required to make strategic decisions that could transform their business models and forge new business partnerships in order to meet the changing needs of the consumer and stay relevant in the long term.

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Key findings

COVID-19 has reshaped the consumer landscape

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the consumer landscape, accelerating changes in what consumers value and prioritise, and how they behave across every aspect of their lives.

Companies and consumers are accelerating their digital adoption

Global consumers, including older consumers who went online during the pandemic, are embracing increasingly digitalised lifestyles. This requires companies to also adopt a strong digital-first, consumer-centric strategy in order to meet the diverse needs of digital consumers.

Home-centric lifestyles are here to stay

Even when the pandemic is over, consumers will continue to seek the comfort of their home, as they are likely to spend more time at home and will not return to the office full time.

Social and environmental responsibility shapes spending decisions

Consumers are placing greater importance on social and environmental concerns and this is increasingly shaping their consumption. Companies need to inspire and enable consumers to make a positive impact while aligning their corporate values with those of the consumer.

Consumers value

Consumers are placing increased focus on value - not just value for money, but also getting products and services that align to their values.

Key findings
The World Beyond the Pandemic: The Big Picture
What do consumers want beyond the pandemic?
The pool of digital consumers expanded

Digital Living

Digital living: Where to focus?
South Korea’s NH NongHyup Bank launches virtual branch, Dokdo

Alibaba continues to expand reach with livestreaming

Alibaba continues to expand reach with livestreaming
US grocery delivery platform Instacart offers additional support to Digital Seniors

Home-centric Lifestyles

Home-centric lifestyles to stay post-pandemic
Home-centric lifestyles: Where to focus?
Burberry shifts the strategic focus toward personalised at-home shopping
Miele’s countertop coffee system enables sophisticated home coffee experience
McDonald’s getting its food to consumers in their homes

Social and Environmental Responsibility

Social and environmental responsibility is high on consumers agenda
Social and environmental responsibility: Where to focus?
Initiativa Imagine aligns to shifts in consumer social and environmental values and behaviour
Walmart’s US online store adding icons to highlight products with reduced impact
Value for money is a top priority for consumers as they balance frugality and indulgence
Value: Where to focus?
Laika’s one-stop shop for pets goes from strength to strength
Situ Live multi-sensory experience brings brands to life #IRL
The World Beyond the Pandemic
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