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The World Market for Sauces, Dressings and Condiments

April 2019

Table sauces and cooking ingredients are seeing strong growth, with dips also showing vigour in various markets. Clean and ethical labelling, health and convenience continue to shape innovation. There is also a growing preference for premium and niche product categories, as consumers strive to emulate gourmet dishes and ethnic cuisine. This report also provides a case study of a successful brand in China.

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Growth over 2013-2018 driven by table sauces and cooking ingredients, and by emerging economies

In recent years, table sauces and cooking ingredients have largely propelled the expansion of sauces, dressings and condiments. China, Turkey, India, Vietnam and Indonesia are leading growth markets, owing to rising disposable incomes and consumers trading up to better quality, packaged variants.

Clean labelling has increased competition in certain categories and markets where innovation has been sluggish

Maturity in some categories, combined with increasing consumer awareness of ethical labelling, has seen competition intensifying. Leading brands have introduced new product variants, including egg-less and vegan choices. This has given dynamism to otherwise stagnant categories, which previously relied on habit and product familiarity to sustain purchasing.

Health and convenience continue to be key product features, and have revived fermented food categories, in particular

Consumers continue to regard health as a key concern in sauces, dressings and condiments. This has shaped innovation across multiple categories, with fermented food categories like pickled products benefiting particularly, especially when healthiness is combined with other product benefits, like convenience.

Gourmet products are thriving as incomes rise and consumer tastes become more sophisticated

With disposable incomes rising in multiple markets, more consumers are seeking premium products that help them to emulate the gourmet dishes seen in restaurants. Ethnic cuisines and sauces have gained interest globally, particularly Asian cuisine, driving new product launches by both major and artisanal brands.

2018-2023 outlook is set to be shaped by evolving health trends, gourmet flavours and ethical values

Looking ahead, health will continue to be a key factor driving growth. This will come in the form of vegan, flexitarian-friendly and organic sauces, and those with health benefits. Premium trends will encourage innovation suiting varied consumption occasions, while ethical values will also shape innovation.


Key findings

Global Overview

Global growth has been modest but is trending upward
Trading up to better quality cooking necessities drives growth
Japan tops per capita consumption, driven by four main categories
China and India to post strong gains, US to remain a key market
Dips shine as accompaniments to various dishes
Retail and lifestyle changes drive internet retailing
Regional top five players struggle to hold a dominant share
Top growth companies benefit from rapidly developing markets

Key Trends

Four key trends drive global category growth and innovation
Condiments in the US: The race for clean and ethical labels
Clean labelling could increase sales in mature categories
Fermented food revived in the UK and South Korea
HMR causes polarisation in sauces in South Korea
Fish, oyster and soy sauces: interest in Asian cuisine drives growth
Global exoticism: an opportunity for brands to diversify and expand
Dry sauces growth accelerates as recipe mixes gain popularity
Premiumisation creates dynamism in basic categories

Case Study

Case study: Blurring lines between retail and foodservice brands
A virtuous circle: brand stickiness in the home and at the restaurant
Multichannel presence is key to Haidilao’s expansion in China
Haidilao’s international success relies on hot pot culture
China amongst high potential markets for dry sauces worldwide
Lessons from Haidilao and China’s market for dry sauces


Positive outlook expected for most categories
Areas of opportunity


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